EAC offline disconnect

So frustrating this happens while in pvp, and also now you can be grounded and banned for that? And still no answer to any of us? I’m so lazy to make this huge to reach you, please have some ethic on your work at least. Of course we get mad and you don’t care? You aren’t able to fit in other people shoes, omg… Maybe have to do some investigation on this topic, this intel make some people think it’s on purpose, and who are you to blame us? BYE

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Amazon, you owe me another 2,7k gold, just for the record!

EAC offline during guardian, and I got a penalty. Lmfao.

I am just envious of anyone who can log in and do dailies. Imagine being able to do dailies hahahah not with EAC not being online for longer than 20 seconds. oh and if EAC isn’t being lazy SPELP will come in and disconnect you because you are having fun. I am beginning to suspect that EAC and SPELP are working together to keep me from playing.

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In today’s news: EAC offline shortly before Valtan’s P2 kill.

Of course, no re-entry ticket was mailed to the character, and another EAC offline triggered a minute after logging back in.

I’m a hair’s breadth away from uninstalling since this is the just the cherry on top of all the other issues.

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