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Hello everyone
I think there are many players who are in the same situation as me,But this problem has not been solved well,Here are some of my conjectures
1、EAC only happens on the specified account;
If you change your account to log in to your computer, ensure that the device, network is the same situation, you will find that the problem only appears in the specified account,So here’s the problem
2、The cause of eac may be the detection of cheating programs or unexpected bugs,The point is not determined,There are also players in the forum who say that EAC is a delayed freeze
What should Amazon do If it has not been determined to be cheating?(Of course, I mean that we could have misjudged, because my account is the same)
3、So the problem should be on the EAC side,EAC may need to unlock it
You can try to log in with a different account, if it’s the same as I said, then Amazon should change its thinking to solve the problem

Hey there! Thank you for your feedback.

Since this is feedback and not a report - I am moving your post over to our feedback section. :slight_smile: