EAC Offline... get it fixed

This is getting far more frustrating than anything else in the game. Playing Argos p3, gets disconnected because of EAC. Doin chaos dungeons and getting disconnected due to EAC.
If i stand in town for 5hours doin nothing it wont happen but when i do “chores” it suddenly decides to shut down and leave me without loot and wasted time.
Do i have to tell everyone that ive done everything that is written down to supposedly help?
GET THIS SHIT FIXED OR REMOVE EAC until you have a solution…

Well, EAC don’t REALLY prevent people using bots, but until yesterday 27 guys left the game from my guild (all 1370+) today another 3 guys gave up, is amazon trying to kill LoA? I’m resorting to geforcenow but… not sure how long until I quit too