45 days of no response at all. Period.

1- region : EU Central
2- Server : Brelshaza
3- Movistar
4- Spain - Galicia - Santiago de compostela
5 hapens every time i conect the message ppops up and quick me:

Character: Wingmaxxx
ISP: Comcast
Location: Ware, MA

I have just starter to see these EAC errors pop up since last Friday (09/16/2022). I have completed ALL of the steps that were listed to try to repair this issue, including removing both Steam and the Lost Ark completely and then reinstalling. Still does not work. EAC Detected pops up between 1 - 3 min of game play.
I have a similar computer at anothe location and it does not have any EAC issues. Everything else is identical from Server to Character to Win O/S versions, etc…

Fix this crap asap we are tired

@Mutato why are you not answering in your own thread?! lmao


Bump. Again. Still quiet. Three months.
@Roxx @Fenrirskoll @Shadow_Fox

By the way, a very solid strategy of closing other threads and creating an ignored mega thread!

Look at this:

I received the same automated answer in my thread and provided as much info as I could. They told me to send a dxdiag and create a reply on the mega thread, both of which I’ve already done. So, what @Solaire did instead of helping me out? Obviously, closing the thread! :clap:


GUYS I managed to stabilize my game by turning off my antivurus specifically for Easy AntiCheat and LostArk. These are the files I made my antivirus kinda “ignore”:
I configured my antivirus on “Excluded Processes” (don’t know how to translate it correctly to english, but it should be something similar)! :smiley:
P.S.: not a solution but at least the game is playable. The primal solution, of course, must come from Amazon/Smilegate, since I hadn’t had this issue before the update in July. o/
Edit: I have been playing like this for two days now, no issues at all! :smiley: so happy!!!


Region: EU Central
Server: Sceptrum
ISP: Deutsche Telekom
Phsyical location: Austria/Vienna
Error Message: [G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT]

i have this problem 6 month again and again

yeah, everything i`ve done yet it still persists, amazon can’t keep blaming us for this error.

Region: NA East
Server: Kharmine
Colombia - Bogotá
Error: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT

Have been disconnected 5 times during the last hour.

@Roxx @Fenrirskoll @Solaire @Shadow_Fox

So who takes the responsibility for this thread and answers people’s concerns? The original poster went missing and his last reply was in July.

You’ve all been silent for almost 3 months. At least be honest with yourselves and officially tell the player base to F themselves.


You basically close other threads and send us here to make a comment but this thread is literally dead because OP @Mutato no longer exists lmao

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Welcome to Lost Arks Trash Can Mega Thread.


lmao been 2 week for this issue and no solution

Occurs while im at Valtan normal gate 2 on my alt character
EAC OFFLINE window pop out and it direct me to select server screen and when i reconnect EAC OFFLINE appears again with exiting the game. and when i reopen my game my group already finish valtan and my entry counted i got locked out. there is no mail of entry ticket restoration this is also happened last week on the same alt character. i am sure that i have no problem on my end. i send ticket about it last week to still theres no ticket mailed to me for the whole week and now this happens again i just lost my weekly gold income in this alt :frowning:

Bruh it’s been like 5 months already and i cant even complete my Vykas set since it launched.
Come on, Amazon, this is the only game where this happens… We know it’s not an us problem.
By now i dont even care if you give me a fake answer just to keep hopes up lol


going for 90 days without an answer



I have no screenshot to post and allowing the other posts in this thread to speak my story. See, I am TIRED of verifying my files, Installing / Repairing Easy Cheat, scanning antivirus, and allowing Lost Ark through my Firewall. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THIS MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. This is not on my end. I have been dealing with this for MONTHS. Then, I was able to DC and log back in through my main character screen, and that was somewhat okay. But, the past few days, I have fully and completely hard logged out of Chaos Dungeons - and got a new error message today. I am not a gold farmer. I do not go against game play or rules. I am a dedicated, loyal player doing my best to do all I can to enhance my character and gain gold or silver. I complete special events and never take advantage of this game. Yet, it is those who take advantage who never seem to have these issues. The past few days, I have completely DCed from my chaos dungeons and lost progress because you can not fix your end. YES, this is a free game, and for that I thank you, but how can we enjoy a free game and your benefits when we DC??? Amazon and whoever else created this game so players like me can appreciate game play, but to what end when something on your end is broken and we can not enjoy the game you created for us.


Error is back. Got kicked 5 times today