Region: SA
Server: Yorn
Physical Location: Brasilia, DF.
Error Message: EAC Offline / W0x9-SPELPWP1N2NT
Internet Provider: NET Claro

Even using CloudfareWarp, that was recommended by you guys, dc everytime. It has been a while since I last got this, and now is back? Sheesh…

Game is unplayable: W0x5-0PELFWP1N2NT / w0x5-SPELPWP1N2NT

I expected this issue would have been fixed with the sudden maint for NAW last night, but unfortunately, the problem still persists :face_exhaling: I could log in my characters now, but the game will kick me out every 4-5 minutes :smiling_face_with_tear: Hopefully it will be fix with this week’s maintenance copium

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yes, everytime they announce a maint I get that hope but unfortunatelly still persists…

Did you see how old is this thread already? Good luck on it.

Hello? Anybody home?

We still have a growing issue on our hands. When will the team take this issue seriously?

he kicked me out of an argos on saturday and i still don’t have a ticket that’s funny

  • Region NA East
  • Server Azena
  • ISP Optico Fiber
  • Phsyical location San Juan, PR, USA
  • Quick note After I got it yesterday only the SA servers were available, got errors saying it was locked while trying to pick the correct region. Tried using WARP like suggested and it worked for a few hours, but now I’m getting it even while using that.


They should just close this thread if they don’t plan on doing anything about the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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EAC offline EUC Neria + Immagine 2022-09-13 194801
EAC cause BSOD on a high end PC,it’s time to fix buddy

Hello. When answer?


It’s sad to say this but seems like they’ve completely ignored this thread.


there is maintenance tonight, I hope this will change something…

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Has anyone got Eac offline since today’s maintenance?

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Region: NA West
Server: Akkan
ISP: Telstra
Physical Location: Sydney/NSW/Australia
Quick Note: Happened right after the maintenance on 14.09.2022. Disconnected from the game 1 minute before weekly reset with an EAC error and now the NA West region is closed.

  1. US East
  2. Elzowin
  3. MyRepublic
  4. Indonesia
  5. it happens this week, pls fix this :(((

Guys, I did something that is working for me, at least by now…(I`m online for like 3h since I tryed this) maybe can work with some of you.
Just follow this steps on EAC official site: Easy Anti-Cheat