EAC Offline? What happened in NA East Azena? (Fixed?)

We can’t log into the game, right when we enter the character selection screen it says, 'Cannot connect to the server, EAC offline" or something similar.

Edit: Try logging on again, I was able to get back in


yeah same here not sure wtf is going on so came here to check

Same for me - get the error message when I select my server - AZENA

EAC Offlice pic 5.21.22.docx

Same issue on Una for NA East. :frowning: Prime time too sigh.

Same here been trying three times now since 10:30 am ET for NA East.

Found this on Amazon Game Support - trying it now.


Nothing to with the game files, already done all of those. I’m also on 1Gbps fiber 24/7 uptime no packet lost.

It’s the server. Lost Ark down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector

@TinyMito What server are you on? I’m on Azena

Same on Azena.

I can connect to some of the other server, but not Azena.

So it seems like Azena is the problem? Hate the fact it exit the entire game everytime.

I can connect to other servers fine - it’s just Azena.

@Roxx Any help for getting folks back into Azena?

Its also in EUC Asta

same on Azena

Your not alone UNA from NA-EAST is also having this bug

This worked

Same on Una

I’m having this issue on NA EAST REGULUS, none of the fixes posted in any thread have worked for me. My internet is fine, I’m not using a VPN, and i’ve done the EAC repair.

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Did not work at all, it doesn’t make sense if this is issue, then why i can connect to other servers and just not Azena?

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