Ealyn’s Rapport Quest - Ancient Elveria crash

Hello, apparently the quest is bugged and crashes the game, and only a GM can help me move a character.

Server: Europe Central - Neria
Character: Evasia

Hi @Sherman, welcome to Lost Ark forums, I hope you are having a great day.

Let me help you relocating your character please give me some minutes I’ll be right back.

Cheers!! :mage:

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@Sherman I already move your character, can you please Check and run Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files, before open the game again.

Thanks for the patience. :sparkles:

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I’ll contiue on this tread as I am also stuck on this quest.

Server: Europe Central - Neria
Character: Mayler

Before posting this message I did the whole Verify Integrity thing and a restart of my PC but sadly it was of no help.

Thank you in advance for your help, I am off for bed now, good night!

As it was late at night yesterday and I now notice no reply to the thread is most likely due to my choice of words and not being clear on what I meant with stuck. My character is locked in the endless login screen and cannot enter Ancient Elvira and thus needs to be relocated.

I know the server is down now anyhow, but I did try earlier this morning and noticed that the issue had not been addressed, probably because of my poor choice of wording earlier.

Hi Mayler,

Welcome to forums! :bouquet:

I am sorry you faced the issued, I have noted your character details and will re-locate once the servers are up.

I will update the same here , once done.

Thank you for your patience! :sunflower:

Update -

I have relocated Mayler, kindly verify game files again, before log in.

My game crashes after selecting character. I’ve tried multiple times and also verified steam local files. I am in the Ealyn’s Rapport quest zone Ancient Elveria. Please move my character.

NA East Vykas