Ealyn gift completed--no powerpass

Hello i dont know where to ask but

Completed Ealyn’s gift and all q’s available to me,but did not get powerpass still,done that few days ago

It is NW eu server Sceptrum char name Speedysaky

The description isn’t very good, it’s not just that quest you need to finish. It’s the entire North Vern storyline.

Once you’ve finished the continent you’ll get your pass via in-game mail

Edit: there are a couple of threads here from people who have had some funky stuff happen if they use the pass on an alt before finishing Shushire, so read up on those before deciding when to use it. I don’t think i had their issues, certain roster quests being auto completed, as i remember doing several they were missing, but i had arrived in Shushire on my main. Good luck!