Ealyn Queens Castle Rapport not accessible

“You must complete the previous level of the rapport quest to have a conversation with/express emotes/play a song for/give a Rapport item to this NPC.”
Followed by the message “Please complete the Rapport Quest first”.
The quest is not showing in any character journal.

This is the message I’ve been receiving on both characters able to enter Vern for the past three days.

My last interactions with the NPC were giving a gift (honey toast) and completing a Rapport quest “With the Queen”. Current Rapport 1376/11000.

Now I am unable to proceed with Daily rapport progression.

Please help.



I have been unable to interact and build rapport with Ealyn for over a week now.
There is no ongoing incomplete Rapport quest, yet I still receive the default message mentioned in the OP.
As Ealyn rewards rapport with skill potion at higher level rapport, this is a growing concern.
Any help would be appreciated.


I have the same issue on all 3 of my toons. Any fix yet?

same problem, can’t proceed with interaction, no other rapport quest ongoing

My original issue cleared a few weeks ago. Been doing dailys for reputation with main and alts, steadily getting charisma/kindness/etc potions…not sure if that was the issue.
I do now have the same issue with Rapport in Stern with Sasha…must complete quest/no quest qeued.
Not sure what the issue is there.