Earlier Full Release

Hi everyone,

Let’s be honest, this is not a beta, It’s a pre release + reset.

The game has little if no bug at all, nothing game breaking. Its quality is already better than many games we all played. Let’s be heard here and as all together, ask Amazon to release this game earlier than March.

Things that need to be adressed shouldn’t prevent us from playing the game already. Thank you and see you in game !


Oh man, what forums have you been reading? I’ve seen bugs galore, not to mention translation hiccups and what have you. Hopefully the patch coming soon fixes some of them, but as it stands now this game still needs time in the proverbial oven before it’s ready. :slight_smile:


There is so much shit that needs to be fixed. And A LOT of it is literally game breaking. Lol


Thais is what is confusing, Other than voice and text localization work, what is causing all the bugs that do not exist in the releases in other country regions?

The game has been out since roughly December 2019 if I recall correctly and a lot of the bugs being brought up here have been corrected in those versions?

I am sure there is more to the story and would love for management or one of the Dev leads to let us know what challenges they are facing releasing an already complete game. This is not intended to be a critism or negative I am really legitamately curious.

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This game is ready.


What game are you playing? I bet you think NW was ready too?


I see no one replied so I will, we are getting the release with a not up to date version in the west, probably too much text to all translate in one go, but KR and RU clients are further along and went through the bug discovery and bug fix phase. So we’re taking patch for example X.Y.Z with known issues of gameplay. How today’s bugfix broke instances and introduced invisible walls, attempting to prevent FPS lag due to chat, is probably something the game itself has experienced before, again in this regard gameplay is from past versions.

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Not entirely true… We might be behind content wise, but I’m pretty sure they’re cherry-picking changes from other versions unrelated to new content like say class balance for example… Now if you don’t know/understand what you’re doing you end up introducing bugs, because you added X change which has Y dependency, but you didn’t add Y dependency.


I want to play the game as much as you do but this is the first time Lost Ark gets a modified client with multiple different patches.
There are a few gamebreaking bugs in the game as we speak. PvP scaling was completely broken and the recent hotfix broke many parts of the game including some PvE dungeons.

Let them sort out these bugs so we can have a smooth launch without emergency maintenances.

Once the game is launched I think we’ll catch up in content fairly quick, we already have Quality of Life updates that the Russian server only got a few weeks ago.

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Hey, just a thought on this.

The base game is in, most aspects of it are playable and I can see why you’d be eager for an early release so you can jump in and play right away but let’s be real here for a minute. This closed beta is for stress testing the servers, ironing out bugs and getting the game into as many hands as possible for awareness purposes since there’s been a fair amount of negative content created around this game that they need to combat.

It’s not ready yet, that’s apparent by the various amount of bugs and gameplay issues which appear and pushing games to be released early or when they’re not ready will just lead to another Cyberpunk incident where they felt pressured to release a game before it was ready and suffered heavily for it. I’d hate for that to happen to Lost Ark, since I think the potential the game has is huge, and I’m enjoying myself a lot.

If you’re really enjoying the game (like I am) then let’s use the time we have available to us to find bugs, test and help the devs as much as we can so when the game is released, it will be a quality end product.



There’s a lot of bugs and translations that need fixing. Don’t release earlier than is needed. These are the same people that want games to release asap (thinking New World) and then bitch and moan when there are problems and no end game. It really does just look like players are just hyped up and want to play the game more. They are not thinking straight.

the game is ready for release by far, it’s a bit embarrassing that new world came out as it did and they want to make us wait 4 months for a game that is going perfect, it just for bussines reason. Disgusting.

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lmao do u understand that this game is full released at other regions? even with new class and content, amazon is just a publisher most of his work is done, translation is good enought and it can be fixed while we are playing and i havent seen any bug. new world was released 100 times worse, no sense to compare this game with new world, this game is 20 times more polished than new world atm


In the card catalog, is missing its translation when you click on the “?” (for a help reference it is not translated.)

I heard rumors (unconfirmed), that this game is coming out in 2022, which seems appropriate considering all the bugs.

In my language everything is translated, or at least I have not found anything untranslated, anyway in the case that what you say is not translated in any language is something very specific that could be implemented while we play, it is not necessary to wait 4 months to translate such specific and irrelevant things, especially considering how this same company released their game, a game developed by them and not one purchased, the only reason for not releasing it yet is for business or marketing, if this game cost 60 euros as new world would already be announcing it for Christmas.

bugs? what game are u playing? i played 53 hour without a single bug

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Let’s keep the developers in mind… there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to get things in order for a release. We have the opportunity to help make a greater impact once more people have access.

If they released it now they would be bombarded with criticisms on the small bugs that make the game “unplayable”. Choosing to tidy things up now at least softens the blow on release.

Those bugs are probably situational, they have happened to some players in some specific circumstances, I have played paladin and gunner, I also did the morai ruins dungeon and I didn’t see anything weird, if you think that when the game comes out, even when the game has been released for several months, specific bugs that only happen to X players or under X circumstances are going to stop appearing you are delusional.