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lmao do u understand that this game is full released at other regions? even with new class and content, amazon is just a publisher most of his work is done, translation is good enought and it can be fixed while we are playing and i havent seen any bug. new world was released 100 times worse, no sense to compare this game with new world, this game is 20 times more polished than new world atm


In the card catalog, is missing its translation when you click on the “?” (for a help reference it is not translated.)

I heard rumors (unconfirmed), that this game is coming out in 2022, which seems appropriate considering all the bugs.

In my language everything is translated, or at least I have not found anything untranslated, anyway in the case that what you say is not translated in any language is something very specific that could be implemented while we play, it is not necessary to wait 4 months to translate such specific and irrelevant things, especially considering how this same company released their game, a game developed by them and not one purchased, the only reason for not releasing it yet is for business or marketing, if this game cost 60 euros as new world would already be announcing it for Christmas.

bugs? what game are u playing? i played 53 hour without a single bug

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Let’s keep the developers in mind… there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to get things in order for a release. We have the opportunity to help make a greater impact once more people have access.

If they released it now they would be bombarded with criticisms on the small bugs that make the game “unplayable”. Choosing to tidy things up now at least softens the blow on release.

Those bugs are probably situational, they have happened to some players in some specific circumstances, I have played paladin and gunner, I also did the morai ruins dungeon and I didn’t see anything weird, if you think that when the game comes out, even when the game has been released for several months, specific bugs that only happen to X players or under X circumstances are going to stop appearing you are delusional.

I think that we’re all mostly a little bit wishful that the full release comes earlier, but not at the expense of valuable game balances. This game looks and feels great. Notwithstanding my enjoyment, it isn’t perfect. But, hopefully they’ll iron out those issues before release.

you know this game is not new right? this game came out in 2018, Amazon only paid the rights to publish it here, yes it is true that Amazon is in charge of the servers and translating the game and the beta has shown that the translations are good enough and the servers work fine. also Amazon already released their game in a state 10 times worse than lost ark, showing how much they care that everything is perfect for the launch. The reality is that if they don’t release it, it’s because it doesn’t suit them at a business level, who knows why. Maybe they are not interested in releasing a f2p game now to try to sell their 60 euro game, which is much worse than this one, at christmas, only they know the reason but it is not because the game is not ready to be released.

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The game isn’t new but deploying it into a new country is a process. You said it yourself, we don’t necessarily know why they have the release date pushed to March 2022- but there isn’t going to be a moment of clarity where they believe their schedule is wrong.

Best to just remain patient. It’s already been four years, what’s a few more months?

@Ganesth … your attitude is exactly what is wrong with MMO players nowadays and why the MMO genre is in such a poor state. People are far too willing and accepting of incomplete, buggy messes at launch. You also come across as super entitled with your whole dismissal of bugs simply because they did not happen to you while playing.

While it is true that Lost Ark has been out in Korea, Russia, and Japan the NA/EU version is not a pure copy, paste, and localize effort. It’s cherry picking content and quality of life features from the game at various points in its life. We are getting some classes and features that are relatively new in other regions while missing some of the core classes that have been around since the launch of Lost Ark in Korea. Stiching together that cherry picked content is going to generate bugs and issues which they need to iron out and fix. Also… localization is still rough and is something that they can work on between now and the games early 2022 launch.


I know what git cherrypick is, but im sure theyre not using cherrypicks, demonstration of which was todays invisible walls in multiple dungeons after a hotfix

They’re not cherry-picking everything, but the content is being chosen. You’re going to have a bunch of developers that think they can fix things that aren’t broken (e.g. they break it) or perhaps they’re applying a new design pattern to some basic components like walls.

What I am making obvious is a truism, but it seems that for many it is not, Amazon is a company and like the vast majority they are only interested in money, the game is not released because they are not interested in business, not because it is or is not ready, because new world came out unplayable only because it was in their interest to release it. No game comes out perfect and even if they delay 15 years more this game will still come out with bugs. The point of my speech is that the only reason why this game does not come out today is because of the interests of the company, it is ridiculous that you talk about my attitude and the current state of the mmo rpg when you do not understand the point of my speech. You give me terrible laziness defending a company that only wants to get your money, the game is ready for relase by far if u cant see it isnt my problem, this company launched new world in a state 10 time worse, situational bugs will apear always. At this point is so boring discuss with you guys, just to add i have a degree on computer science engineer, i have no experience with huge videogames like mmo rpg but i have an idea about what im talking about, keep being a toady of big companys or open your eyes, whatever you want, but im not loosing more time here, have a nice day guys

Yes… the launch of Lost Ark is a pure business decision at the end of the day. But Amazon has hopefully learned from the disastrous and buggy New World launch and does not repeat those same mistakes with a buggy Lost Ark launch (or as few bugs as possible). You seem perfectly content with saying that Lost Ark should be released now, bugs and issues be damned.

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Let’s be honest though, no amount of “truth” you preach is going to affect a decision by one of the largest companies on the planet. Your message is acknowledged in that they are being strategic about their release, that’s about it…

The subject of the thread implies it’s not going to be constructive.

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you can mark my words, at the release of lost ark you will see the same hotfix/bug that they are doing now, even if they take 1 more year to release the game, the same bugs will appear because you cant test everything, even fixing a bug you can create others

That’s okay, development and maintenance is not an easy job- hence the pay scale. Which is why they can spend a lot of time between now and release to reduce the time they need to fix things and perhaps spend more time on new content development.

At the end of the day- the time you spend in the game is your decision alone. Consider you have four months to progress in something else before you full dive into Lost Ark.

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Yes, please.

Release the game asap! Not perfect translation or voice over that can be fixed with later patches wont make the game any worse at release.

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