Early access, 3 days = 40 hours?

Advertised as 3 days early acces…

Here in EU, game releasses at 17:00 on tuesday, So 3/4 of the day gone.
Wednesday was bliss no issues no problems (From my PoV)
Friday, log in 0800 greeted by “Server Maint, 4 hours downtime” Server offline 12:00

How was this early access of 3 days… It was 40 hours at most, and their appreciation for our patience is a crystal aura for 3 days… Im sorry but have we been scammed by Amazon???

Considering half of Galatur lost msq and have bricked characters, I currently also feel scammed by Amazon

And I will keep posting on any thread until I get a response from a dev that they are even looking into this issue. 30 hours and nothing so far from my ticket

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Early release is “A specific date”, nothing to do with the number of /played in the game or the max availability of potential /played

And you already received 2 +5d on Crystalline aura during those 3 days, so that’ll be a total of 13 MDs at the moment

It’s a 3 day head start, not 3 days of guaranteed access for the full duration.

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Why is he receiving a like and my post stating the exact thing not ?

Cry in his unlovabelness (not a word)

The way Yojimbo said it is cuter :wink:

Spotted an update relating to this on steam.

3 days extra of crystalline pass

All that because he has a pink avatar :frowning: