Early game world bosses

Solutions as to how to get maps, stars, etc. from world bosses when noone is in the area? Seems pretty stupid to have to go to old areas where there arent any players and the boss has so much hp that you cant solo them and have to hope other people show up. World bosses should scale with how many players are in the area. The current system is dumb for people that want sea bounties and giant hearts.

I remember soloing the shushire world boss with a support build paladin at ilvl 1355 ish, took me like more than 5 minutes. It was intense, feel like a legion raid ngl

My name should give it away but yeah I’m also a Paladin but at 1460 I cant kill Kohinorr in Yorn before he goes berserk. Id rather not swing at a boss for 15 mins just to have him go zerk. Id rather go hit the barricade for the mokoko seeds lol

Yeah solo pve as supports does sucks, and I don’t wanna spend more time setting up a second set of dps build for a support.

So now I’m trying to build a main DPS and 5 paladin alts. After experiencing Thronespire as paladin, I know better than before now

Don’t even get me going on Thronespire lol. I’ve got a Destroyer alt that I’m working on so I guess I’ll add soloing World Bosses to the list of stuff for him to do.

Friends, ask for help in area chat, go at popular hours where there’s a higher chance for people to be around, etc

Though by design having to skip thunderwings for a low level world boss for a rng chance at a collectible is pretty annoying. Most don’t bother. Since I want/need the focus rune and both adventure islands and shipwrecks hate me, I have to go for souls from world bosses too for the 85 souls map :frowning_face:

I’m pretty sure most people watched guide to skip shushire altogether, the only people I ever saw there were those doing lopang at the port. The reason why i did shushire was for the giant heart which I got it first try (not sure if it was a guaranteed drop or not). So i’m just gonna get a dps up using the upcoming powerpass and event

If you’re pala you can always get a dps set. Unlike the bard as far as I know it’s not that far behind a proper dps.

Once you can change your relic set at will of course.

Bards have some gimmick with the charming set but I have no clue what’s what with them

This is what I don’t like doing, having an extra set of gears and engraving to do world pve. Sometimes I even forgot to change my chaos dungeons build for raids and it pissed me of and annoyed me to no end

Do you use integrated presets?

Even as a dps I have to change builds for pvp (gvg, pvp islands, etc). So not like we’re exempt from that

I do use integrated, the thing is my brain is like a goldfish swimming in a bowl size fish tank. After doing all my dailies there is nothing but butterfly in there. I have not been doing gvg or pvp islands unless there is gold rewards, but having to micro manage it feels likea chore.

You only have to set them up once. After that it’s one click that swaps out skills, tripods, gems, gear, card set. All of them with two clicks.

Though setting them up is quite a pain. Especially the tripods. But that should be solved soon with the upcoming patch in korea.

It’s an option is all I’m saying, because even if you start an alt now it’ll be a while and an investment till he can compete.

I kinda do fee like a hassle setting them up since i’m doing 5 paladin as alts rn lol.

As for the dps, the upcoming powerpass and event will help me a bit. At least with thronespire that is.

Yeah I always ask but nobody wants to help cause nobody is doing that content at that moment. But I guess it’ll be alright once I either level an alt or get the gear swap thing. It just shouldn’t be this much of a hassle to do a simple world boss for a chance at a reward.

If you plan for second set in order to swap gear for Paladin from support to DPS then you might as well level up actual DPS alt to same ilvl, because it will cost you the same mats (assuming alt has 1340 gear).
I had recently about 1470ilvl Pala try at Oreha Hard carry and he was noticeably slower than any other DPS I saw (failed first boss a couple times until we helped + it took so long). He had DPS engravings of course, but I think that gear was for supports (think it was awakening set).

The only solution is upgrade your gear as max as possible and get back to the lower areas and solo it.


If you press Key (ENTER) on your keyboard.
Little window will show up on your left botton screen.(CHAT)
You can ask people there for help.Lost ark comunity is toxic but if you ask nicely people will help you with everything. :slight_smile: Be nice!
Thank you.

Here is little pic for you :slight_smile: