Early Player Experience - Island Souls & Bot Trains

Hi There,

Relatively early game player for horizontal content on Akkan server. I had to stop playing for a few months due to covid quarantine. Im now struggling with how im supposed to do earlier content.

I have 22 island soulds, but when trying to do some that require a group of people such as Illusion Island which I believe is the 10 people needed PvP island, the max I have seen so far has been 3.

Ghost ships theres usually only a few folks and we wipe and then co-op sailing the amount needed for achieving objective.

Wondering why the objectives cant be scaled so that it’s a realistic amount for the people who are actually there? How are we people on early content supposed to be able to complete it?

Also, I cant get over the absolute amount of bot trains are all over the place. In a typical session I’ll see 100s of bots in trains and very few real people to do content with. How are other early players handling this?


So T1/T2 is gonna be rough as most end game people already have the content completed. Join a guild and join the server discord and ask for help. There will usually be some people who are willing to help after they do their own hourly items. Just mean you might need to adjust when you farm them.

The 10 person isle is death hold, but illusion is just as bad. On elzowin we set up a time, we call it the 130 train, where the server knows of it needs to get any of the islands like Dh, spida, unknown, etc, they can usually show up on a day and they will happen.

It doesn’t always work, but more times than not we will get 10-20 people willing to farm them out or help.

Thanks for the ideas Prophetic. Will look for the Akkan server discord.