Earth entrophy set for Gunslinger? What do you think?

Yes, I know the meta is to play Gunslinger with Hit master, but this damage add applies only to side attacks, not front and back, and i’m not fully comfortable with that kind of play. That’s why I’m planning to do a build with Grudge, Cursed Doll, keen weapon blunt and… ambush master. And Peacemaker at 1, of course. If there are points to spare, maybe adrenaline or something.

On level 3 engraving, adds 25% damage instead of 16% hit máster. The other option is Master brawler that do the same with front attacks, but I think is safer and you can make sinergy with back skills like the shotguns and bullet rain with “ambush” tripod.

The benefits of Earth entrophy are:
2 PCS: +15% crit damage, 50% if is front ir back attack. That’s basically doing another keen blunt weapon if you hit back or front.
4 PCS: every time you hit back or front, 5s Buff of +20% crit rate.
6 PCS: +5% damage, +18% if is back or front.

I think this can be do an insane sinergy. Basically, if you step behind the enemy you do +43% damage (engraving + set), +20% crit chance and +50% extra because with shotgun skills you basically will do critic every hit. Poem of salvation for 2 of the 6 pieces is a good option todo, because you’ll do 14% extra damage at full stack

A variant off this is putting Master Brawler too instead of adrenaline, for do front attacks with rifle skills and move to the back and drop the shotgun ones after this.

What do you think? I’m gonna do anyway, but I’ll like to know if I’m crazy or is a good idea :smile:

ambush master and entropy is for back attacking classes, gunslinger is non-positional class , you get no bonus from ambush master or entropy for skills that do not have the “back attack” tag to them

The skill has to be the tag “back attack or front attack” for make entrophy work? Oh my god, I screwed It a lot :joy:

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that’s why you use hit master , it gives the bonus dmg to any skill that does not have " front or back attack " it’s not limited to side atacks

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So I don’t know if you’ve heard of this class called Deadeye…


yeah, entropy and ambush master are for deadeye seeing that they look similar to gunslinger , but they are 90% back attack

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The thing is… all shotgun attacks are back attack, so they will benefit from that. But if the most powerful attacks (rifle) doesn’t benefit from entrophy…

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Well if you actually played gunslinger you would know that all shotgun skills are in fact back attack by nature and that effect is disabled with a tripod.

you can i guess still make it work with pistol and shotgun build i guess