Earth entropy set bugged?

I just got earth entropy 2 piece on my striker. In trixion i was doing 8.3m with lightning kick and with the 2 piece equipped im only doing 8.4m, isnt the increase way too low?

Has anyone else had this issue?

Hey there, toothhurty!

What is your server name and what is your character name?

Same issue here, got my 2p entropy on my striker just now and i don’t feel any boost of dmg 2.1m @trixion before and 2.2m+ after it’s really weird … I just replace my 2p Valtan for a 2p Entropy and that’s all
Character: Jungjaeh
Server Zinnervale EUC

Edit: After few tests :
LTS hit for 15M with 2p Valtan > 16M with 2p Entropy
TE hit for 5M with 2p Valtan > 6M with 2p Entropy

My setup: 1655 spec & 535 Crit - DB, Grudge, AM, KBW 3 and Adre 1.

It’s really disappointing …