Easier way to report bots

Screenshot 2022-03-16 134441
Can we get report gold trader/bot as an options on this right click menu? Just to make it easier to report them without having to go into a seperate menu and type out 8 characters

Also if possible can you make it if we report someone for botting, that it makes them invisible for us so we can report the stacks of bots which is almost impossible when there are 20 standing on one another.

just stop reporting, its pointless
even if the 1 or 2 reports they get make an actual difference, they’ll just make 5 more free accounts.
they either get there automated system properly set up or need to implement some authentification



I gave up on reporting as it seems futile at this point. Cut off the head and two more grow in its place.

Yeah wait till we’re paid to do it… ha…haha…hahahahaha