Easiest class to play ??

Only one person said gunlancer? you can face tank a lot of crap XD
If u want to be the laziest man in the world, gunlancer cause you can stand infront of almost any boss and just face tank most of their normal mechs until you face with one shot mechs.

Then if u want to roll your keyboard so hard then Demonic Impulse shadow hunter or Evolution Legacy Scouter/Machinist.

if you want a super easy support, Paladin. You barely need to do much since a lot of ur skills are screen wide buff skills except for 1 shield skill. All you need to do left is counter your enemies.

It is hard to stay awake when I play pally.

In my roster it is undoubtly the blue gunlancer… It’s a fridge that can barely move and that is not an issue in 98% of cases, at all.

Nah that has something to do with the raid mechanics not with the difficulty of the character xD

Not really.
Zerk has some longer animations, which can result in floor pov if you dont know your abilities well.

And if you are brain dead and dont use tank card set on mayhem because you were brainwashed, then yes, you might be floor pov as well lol

I have a mayhem zerker too and it is the easiest class in the game. Considering so called long animations as hard to play is pointless.

Combat Ready Gunlancer is the EASIEST class in the game. You just roll your face on keyboard and that’s it.

and where in this leaderboard for easiest class is positioned Summoner?

yeah i have most of these, sh, scouter, arti (barrage not as easy as fp but still quite easy), paladin, sorc… and they sure is easy and fun for alts too.
planning on making scrapper/glaivier next if there’s another free powerpass

Paladin (Blessed Aura)