Easiest Solution to Bot problems, Perma Ban

As the title suggests.
Perma ban them, not only seller, buyer too.
Not only the account that bot/hack/cheats. but every single account uses the same IP address too.
"A kingdom ruled by fear is a kingdom not worth ruling "
more like
A kingdom ruled by willful blindness is not a kingdom worth living.

Perma Ban them all


Wonderful idea, wonder why no one suggested it before

I cannot believe a mod actually said that. It’s lost ark’s “don’t you all have phones?” moment
Start enforcing your own rules or watch your game die.

It won’t just be Lost Ark either.
0/2 is a bad look for Amazon games and I am definitely not giving them another chance if they bungle this one.

at this point, I would suggest them to hand Lost Ark to another publisher or at least ask others that have experience on publishing KMMO in western regions to assist them with those problems. but welp, seems like I should’ve not put my trust in AGS at all xd