Easy anticheat is useless, game plagued by bots

They even use instant movement and super movement speed hacks

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Have you seen the ones that phase through clipping (like walking off the map to shortcut to an NPC) or have impossible attack speed yet? Because I’ve got to tell ya, your going to see them.

EAC has multiple levels of implementation and the one AG licensed … well it’s inexpensive, that’s for sure. But you get what you pay for.

I was just going to post about this. It’s starting the ruin the game for me, so it’s a good thing I purchased that founder pack. Get you house in order.

All anticheats are useless, its a f2p game unfortunately so its the usual plague of bots lol. You cant get rid of bots only attempt to lessen them.

There used to be an suggestion on making ppl do a captcha test before entering the game idk why they don’t want to add something like that. Much easier and faster to add than a algorithm which sorts out bots :confused:

Captcha Tests are useless - most of them are actually easier solved by bots than by actual human beings…

Just make phone validation every few days mandatory and if an account gets banned for botting all with the same phone number get banned as well.

Even just validating via phone at signup would at least raise the cost of creating bots.

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