Easy Mode Suggestion To Keep Everyone Happy?

I care for new players and want this game to keep growing. In that case I want matchmaking for any activity to be viable. Lets say you were able to matchmake a legion raid and have a high chance to complete it. I suggest keeping the legion raid just as it is like in normal except you are allowed to have infinite revives unless the boss enrages. Feel like this will give players a chance to see the mechs and get an idea of them before trying normal. I know they introduced rehearsal but lets be real no one ever does rehearsal. For rewards I suggest giving half the materials normal gives or even less. This would just be a mode exclusive to matchmaking so that anyone can experience the end game content. Hoping this will influence these players to meet others that want to learn the mechs and eventually try normal. The only issue I see with this is that it will be infested with bots but hopefully something can be done to prevent that.


you dont want it
matchmaking for any activity viable = no activity worth doing

the game itself is not that fresh
guides everywhere
you can choose which one you want to follow
you want prog run? sure you can create lobby, there gonna be someone joining, but it will takes time for sure
or you want blind prog? create one as well
the raid is easy, its you who makes it hard

its gonna be 3bots + 1 carry x2 each run, and noone watching them

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Not speaking for myself but for new players. I love the game but as the game stands I can not recommend it to anyone. If the game allowed the opportunity to complete everything by just matchmaking I would say that it would become a game I can recommend.


I think a mode with less rewards but the ability to res like Argos would be super chill for newbies and learning parties

every nonsense forum post started with " for new players or returning player "
if u really care for them, accept those on ilevel 3x3 or less into your lobby
guess what? u probably choose overgeared one instead

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I care about the future of the game, why does it matter to you if they add this? You are mad that new players are able to gear up? I am giving input for a solution instead of just complaining against everyone. We get it you have an ego and have the need to argue against people. I just want to be able to recommend the game and to grow the player base since that is what keeps a game alive.

Not true. Think about it. If the easy mode legion gave you 3 armor pieces per week. It will take you 4 weeks to complete 1 armor piece. Would you matchmake knowing the normal or hard will give you not only way more armor pieces but more gold? I would 100% not matchmake but lets say you are new and have 0 clue what valtan is. You go to party finder and see everyone is declining you. What do you do? Never touch the mode again or do some research? Lets say you have very limited time and see that the game is not worth your time so you end up quitting the game. If you were able to just matchmake and experience the boss fight. You will be more engaged to actually want to play the game. I want new players to feel that not just end up quitting after a couple of hours.

Easy mode concept sound great…. But like training wheel, this is either help or these “new players” will get a false sense of the actual difficulty of later raid.

It a stop gap solution to problem as how do we integrated new player into the game.

Your propose ideas will run into long queue time and that along might even deter player from even trying.

What really would make new player experience better is not sitting in queue hopping 7 new player also queue up at the same time as they do.

But have content that even if they are behind still be able to participate with older player and get rewarded.

ofc its matter to me, its giving bot another way to get gold
and what you gonna do after they add this kind of matchmaking?
matchmaking into another bots just like abyssal dungeon?

dude, do you even play the game?
normal valtan gives half of hard valtan mats
and vykas as well
if you really play the game, go check partyfinder sometimes, a lot of 1460 which is vykas HM ilevel doing normal mode with half mats drop, more than half of em still in need of vykas mats.
and lot of 1480+ doing it too

its because they doesnt give u gold
if you really want easy matchmaking, remove the gold, and lets see if they really want to get good or just want the gold LMAO
im sure theyll just spread their legs to the bus which gives them 500g net

you dont give any solution my friend, you just feeding another bots

and if you think they’ll join the game because its easy, pretty much sayonara when they reach 1490ilevel


You pretty much answered yourself.
If they don’t want to learn, there’s no place for them in the game.

They should just make a 1 person version that drops no rewards, no consumables used, bit like prokel.
That way you can come in contact with mechanics without having to waste other peoples time, which is often the cause of frustration.

it all comes down to the fact that there is a learning curve for legion raids, which makes it like an unpaid job rather than a game, u got to preemptively know raid mechanics, u cant see and react to anything, u get 1shot instead and u really dont have any kind of feedback what went wrong (visually or verbally). The only viable way to learn legion raids on your own is thru online guides(and many guides are made in a rushed manner, with no concise explainations for an inexperienced learner) or getting vids (watching them over and over again->raids are a job)

SmileGate is refusing to admit that the Clown raid is destroying the progression of most players in the game. It is just a badly designed raid and overturned considering the stat increase it is rewarding. There is no wonder that the majority of the gold in Lost Ark is gotten from Valtan and Vykas. And that is not just because of bussing. :wink:

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vykas hard is hard, i agree. Clown is harder than vykas, also agree. Not sure about the destroying progression, just try to grind when u have time/energy, play the game at your own pace. In a marathon, not everybody reaches the finish line at the same time.

And how do you think the guys making the guide learned the fight?

Watching 3 hour guides is such a turn off in my opinion. Especially having to remember many mechs in a short amount of time. Would it not be cool to just matchmake see the mechs for yourself and be like, okay I think I get this let me just read over the main mechs and there you learn the raid without having to put so much time to even attempt the damn raid.

learning on your own, means u dont take up other pple’s time, isnt it? And yes, its a difficult game for most pple, except those delusional hardcore gamers. I game a lot but i’m not delusional.

so it`s okay to waste hours and hours of the 7 other ppl raiding with you cause you are to lazy to watch some guides and open up a learning party ? I´m sorry but this is the most egoistical thing I heard in a long time, Lost Ark has a ton of things to do every week and that´s why nobody got time to waste, If you want to get carried all the time buy busses or look for a very understanding guild. And if you are so hard against taking time and learning a encounter just quit the game cause it will only get harder.
This gatekeeping thing and the stress of getting stuff done ain´t a problem of the players it´s just bad gamedesign.

the game design is inherently hard to encourage whales to spend money to gear up their builds so they can trivialise the contents, and have an easier time, sound weird at first, but i think that’s what the devs have in mind. I remember they released argos when most pple had issues reaching even 1370. Whales just went ahead and splurged.