Easy Mode Suggestion To Keep Everyone Happy?

I would welcome a practice mode for mechs like mario. Progression can be cruel in a way that you delete 80 percent of the Bosses HP and then you wipe and have to start all over again because of one mech. And since learning groups are getting rare these days, new players lose the will and just buy a bus in the end not learning a thing.

It would be good enough to keep it to old Raids to keep the top players engaged.

Rehearsel has the flaw that some mechs are way toned down(Clown Stagger) or even not present at all(Clown Bingo).

That alone would help new players quite a bit imo.

another thing about online guides, most of them are made in a rushed manner, so they arent ideal material for a learner, but its better than nothin, i suppose, bec u dont have to do the raid blind and figure it out from zero.

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that is too much work from the dev’s perspective, they dont have unlimited manpower and its already a very f2p friendly game, take it or leave it, the real world is harsh afterall.

Im not personally affected but id like to feel new players welcome and feel like theres a safe environment to start.

Lets say you get thrown into the game with a hyper Express and the game tells you to go rading.

If you are really lucky there is a learning Party open for Valtan.
If you are somewhat lucky people join your learning Party.

If not you are sitting there and your only option is to buy a bus which will make you progress. But you didnt learn a thing and most importantly no fun.

Merely making suggestions If they get implemented or not is out of my reach.

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It’s 15 min at best

No, that would cause the issue rehersal has. That is no one will matchmake.

You are wrong. Google brelshaza gate 1 guide. You see on average 15 min per video and once again that is just one gate. In total for every video it turns out to be 2 hours or more. Especially when you need to also comprehend the material and make sure you remember every mech.

Too much work? Just copy and paste normal mode and add infinite respawns. I am not a dev but it seems like it would not be difficult at all.

An easy game becomes boring this mode I suggest is just for people that just want to see the fight that is all. I doubt many would do it since it can take a whole year to get a full set compared to normal and hard mode.

u still got to allocate manpower to write the programs, test it out, etc, all costs money. Listen to feedback and rework it again. U cant make a half assed thing and throw it out, they dont do that. It doesnt take hours or days, it takes weeks.

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6SMdwP02Qw
thats 7 min for g6 wich is one of the Most complexe gate
you dont need that much time you talk 2 h it’s 30 min for brel g1 to g6 and you dont do it in one go cause your going to have to prog g1 g2 g3 g4 then g5 g6 and your going to most likely do that in multiple day

You don´t comprehend a lot of things like the part of the topic I answered to. But yeah keep on dreaming(infinite revives what a joke). Watch guides make learning partys and git gud and stop crying and insulting people. You are just lazy if every form of preparation is such a turnoff for you.

You are talking like there learning party’s all the time. Do you play the game? If you are lucky you find 3 learning party’s a week. Not only that but to find a party that is trying the gate you are in. If you are lucky to find 1 learning party you need to be ready with the mechs for every gate. Does not sound fun.

there is each time i go to seek a g6 grp i see multiple of them
and guess what usualy if your social in a guild and you make friend they are often willing to help you in a learning run whith theme helping you on discord for mech so you dont even need to pug

too many excuses barbie girl

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I think for matchmaking to be viable to you have the change what incentivizes people to use that option. I touch on that on my solution against gatekeeping topic. Take a look

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