Eel Caviar Salad (adventure)

What horseshit of achviement for adenvture guide.
Sure it goes RNG lot of silver, proberly 1 million before Im done, but “#¤”#¤"#¤ I can only open 10 boxes at the time.

Gonna shuffle all the spare Vine needle grass up the … of the one created this quest/achivment!.

I wanna play the game not open boxing for 1 hours due time it takes for game to open 10 boxes at the time.

Add in shop so I can buy millions of silver (no Im not going throught those 234234 different crystals and gold to get to buy silver) :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed 100%.

There is grind, then there is this… whatever this is. Let us earn the ingredients through battle or searching or puzzle or riddle, but RNG a bunch of boxes for an hour using countless silver up… just annoying; as in not fun.

Yorn and on just seem to purposefully have super offensive cooking (and mokoko seeds). I get that these places were (maybe?) added on as patches originally, and so thusly were probably made more obtuse to give KR players something to grind away at, but they’re disgustingly awful in comparison to previous areas.