Eibern's Wound didn't unlock

I just finished the Bleak Night Fog reputation and used the Ghost Ship consumable I got as the reward and it didn’t unlock Eibern’s Wound. Am I doing something wrong or?

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Hi @_Raven welcome to our community :man_mage:

I’m sorry that you finish the mission but didn’t get the rewards, we don’t want your efforts to go to waste.

To get the Eibern’s Wound you have to complete the Bleak Night Fog (as you did), you have to complete the Una’s task 12 times and you will be rewarded with Eibern’s Wound the ghost ship.

If you did al of these steps and you still didn’t get the reward i suggest that you contact us trough the following link so we can escalate the issue:

Have a great day! :dragon_face:

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Also has to complete another quick quest you get after claiming the una’s task reward

Was this problem ever resolved? As I have the same problem and now have just submitted a ticket.

on right clicking eibern’s wound it just disappeared. The Erus ship on the other hand prompted a purple quest on right clicking it.

still an issue i guess. the ship isn’t available to me. contact CS and they told me to wait for the ship to arrive by mail due to high volume of player (lol).

edit: there is a quest and you have to go to east luterra.

Hey! For me it the quest worked fine. Did you use the item you get from the task in your inventory?

Go to Morpheo and finish the quest. East Luterra at the flower place.