Eibern's Wound (Ghost Ship) - Disappointing?

So I went through the process of getting the Ghost Ship because of how cool I thought it looked and believing it would be great for co-op. However, two major factors have lead to ultimately my disappointment with this difficult to acquire ship.

First, our purchased ship skins can’t be hidden, and they completely overtake the appearance of this cool looking ship. This is a disappointing oversight I’m sure for many folks who like the unique skin of this ship already, but can’t see themselves unequipping powerful user experience skins. The second, and larger issue seems to be the scaling of resistances vs other options like the Estoque. It really seems like it’s missing stats, and has very limited amount of quality crew to diversify the ship with. While this isn’t as much of an issue when comparing the other niche “starter ships”, this is a rarer and difficult to acquire ship and should be at least as well statted as the Estoque. Where are the rest of the ghost bros?

You compare our starting ship and it gets on average 3 extra resistance points per upgrade, along with access to a wide variety of crews to deal with any resistance. Alternatively the ghost ship really only gets Ghost boosts, and sometimes minor cold boosts. It is admittedly a little faster, but it’s offset by also losing substantially more durability per second and thus costs more to operate. It’s effectively missing an allocation of ~3 resist per level, and with limited crew options it makes it very difficult to use this ship for anything other than the Ghost Ship weekly.

I’d love to see the ship have crews and resist levels that can at least make it manage other difficult resistances outside of Ghost, which our base ship can already effectively do well enough with certain crews. I’m of the opinion this ship would be far more in line with expectations if it could diversify crews enough and have base resists enough to deal with Ghost + X. IE - Ghost + Cold, Ghost + Tempest, Ghost + Sand etc. Otherwise why even put the effort into upgrading it, if it can’t really excel at anything outside of letting you equip a single crew member that helps with the worst PvE experience in game?


The Ships have different uses.

The obtainable ghost shop can have crew with the great effect of doing more damage on ghost ship events, run faster on ghost ships, etc.
The Estoque is the best all-rounder and make everything viable for people that don’t want to invest too much time into getting other ships.
Other ships like eurus or brahms have high resistances in some areas but lower in others.

This is more of a: Ghostship has its place for the right content, as does other ships.
The effect of the Ghostship crew is very, very good btw.

Totally on your side that skins should be hideable though.


Sorry, but when the base ship can do literally everything, there is no place for “specialized ships”. It’s a poor design philosophy, especially when it comes to getting rarer ships. I this case, the effect is mostly pointless because it’s a once a week event, and it is groupable for overkill anyway.


They have already accepted feedback that we’d like to hide the shop skins. Seems obvious.

I agree that it’s disappointing to work to collect a ship only to find out that it’s very niche. Estoque is the ship most of us will level except for those that grind out Astray.

Just got my ghostship too, and I feel your sentiments. What’s the point of getting higher tier ships when it’s worse than the original? At this point in time, I would like to let everyone know that looking for ships to upgrade and collect is a waste of time and resource

It’s either Estoque or Astray in this game, sadly. Eibern’s Wound is pretty much only designed for ghost ship events

The ghost ship buff alone is worth it just get it to level 5 and put the relic crew member in it, it will be a god tier ghost ship maybe even keep you from dying in the ghost ship event.


Old post sorry, But I think the point is none of the content really is hard enough to make any of that extra stuff matter. LET ASLONE even noticeable. It’s just less incentivizing to get said content. Less content you are dis-incentivized to do sooner or later you run out get bored and move on to another game. I mean, if that is what they want then more power to them I guess?

which only happen like once a week haha. It seems they never really rotate to ships much. I see it maybe two times a week at best.