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------------------------------------------------------:small_orange_diamond: EIEN :small_orange_diamond:-----------------------------------------------------

_______________________________ SERVER : KARTA _______________________________
________________________________ EST TIMEZONE ________________________________
____________________ GUILD TYPE: CASUAL, SEMI-HARDCORE, PVX ___________________
_______________________________ GUILD SHOP LV. 5 _______________________________

______________________________:small_orange_diamond: ABOUT US :small_orange_diamond: ______________________________
Eien is a fast growing Lost Ark community with a progressive end-game interest. We are currently looking for active and engaging members to increase our guild roster. Information is constantly being shared throughout our discord and group events are planned weekly to keep our momentum going! We very much love to do raids as a group. We’re looking to have lots of fun and meet new people. We are also always ready to engage into new content upon release.

____________________________:small_orange_diamond: REQUIREMENTS :small_orange_diamond: ____________________________

Tier 3 & Active discord required. Daily donation quota must be met once your probation period has ended. We also require that only your main character will be allowed to join.

We currently have a 3-day inactivity period threshold before our current members are asked to reallocate into our 2nd guild.

______________________________:small_orange_diamond: BENEFITS :small_orange_diamond: _______________________________

Organized group content: Our raid times are decided between Thursday-Sunday, 8PM-10PM EST according to the majorities schedules. Our raid leader is consistently managing our raids every week. We form static groups according to people’s item level.

Competitive mindset: We are looking for the right people to join our team in hopes to keep progressing forward.

Funding program: After reaching a certain criteria, we offer our members a funding program to be able to achieve certain item levels. I.e: Valtan Normal. Members who haven’t reached 1415 were able to find a lender to push them to 1415 so that they wouldn’t be left behind.

Weekly raffles: Our guild hosts bi-weekly raffles with Royal Crystals and Gold as prizes.

__________________________:small_orange_diamond: APPLICATION PROCESS :small_orange_diamond: _________________________

TO APPLY: Please message offszn#2399 or redfallen#7586 on discord for any inquiries or message Ínori in game for more information.

Thank you for your time and interest. We’re looking forward to hearing back from you

Current Members 37/53 [Updated on 2022-06-29]

BUMP <3 Still looking to fill our guild roster