Either let us pick which Shadowhunter transformation we use or change the armor on current one

I don’t care if people think this is woke or racist, it just looks bad because the skin blends with armor. Either recolor the armor so there is more contrast or give us an option to pick which transform we want - the current one or the one every other version of Lost Ark uses.


Watch us get no reply at all and then trying to forget the topic…
Or give us a stupid excuse…
We are waiting for a response!!!


Visual clarity at its finest


they ignore us

Changes like this are so stupid, it is if amazon actually wants to trigger people, why coulndt it be the same model as in kr

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yep, like they aways do

I was really excited to get the new shadowhunter form, I started prepping to play my shadowhunter again. Imagine my surprise when I log in and find out the demon form looks even worse than before!

Please AGS, give us the same exact form as Korea or let us customize it ourselves! This one looks atrocious, there are no visible details.