Elegy of Serenity - Cut-scene Music is Muted (as background)

While playing Elegy of Serenity quest, I reached “Orazio’s Performance” and the music did not play.

The music is the focus of the scene, i.e. it is a group of musicians playing a song, and should likely not be classified in the game as merely ‘background’ and controlled by this game wide setting.

In Settings, the selection box is labeled “Music” and the tool-tip refers to it as ‘background music.’ While this properly controls music in other areas of the game like character selection, cities, the ocean, etc., it does appear to be be misapplied to music in this cut-scene.

Game is great. This was just a very odd moment.

I was able to re-toggle music on and then replay the ‘memory’.

(Memory Chamber → Memory Tome → Arkesia of Memory → Open Seas → Glacier Isle → #1 Orazio’s Performance)