Elemental HP Potion (epic) dissappeared from inventory

Has anyone had that issue of, in general, items disappearing. I had collected and made over the course of the game at least 130 Elemental HP potions. Finally opened access to dungeons and was probably the ONLY time ive used them. Did maybe about 3 dungeons before I noticed they were gone. Tried using it during a fight and saw that it wasn’t on my hotbar. Thought I accidently dragged it out so after the fight. Checked inventory and poof, gone and an empty spot of where it was.


I’ve just lost around 267 blue hp potions I had 99 symbol on bar I was in a instance like dungeon etc on hard but I didn’t wanna keep waisting them so I swiped them away from hotbar and now they’ve all gone completely out my inventory. 200 hrs a questing and leveling this I’ve 80% time chosen these potions from reward chests and now all gone, this is one a the games true issues that certain types health pots go on separate bars in raids and abysals etc now I’ve none for any that content till I get more chests.

I would like to add that this is still happening - I thought at first I made a mistake and simply used them all or swapped them out but I lost a large amount (over 100+) battle slot 30% potions today and this is the 2nd time something like this has happened.

It seems to happen when leaving a guardian raid or abyssal dungeon.

The firs time it was over 100 elemental potions and I thought I moved them but now that this has happened again in the same manner in the last week, its most definitely a bug!

Can someone please look into this; gathering materials and crafting is already taxing but to just have them POOF and gone for no reason is extremely disheartening and irritating.

i lose to day 100 potion 30%hp and is the second time in abyssal dungeon… if you dont go on prémade you have some chance lose all you stack

This just happened to me today, had over a hundred of elemental health potions, entered a guardian dungeon and they all disappeared, I’m devastated :frowning:

Having the some problem for me today. When I login, found that all Elemental HP Potions are gone and not found in my inventory, pet inventory and storage, around 50-60 of them. Half of it just obtain by opening the Healing Battle Item chest on the 7th April. @Roxx I am not sure are you the right guy we should find for this problem but hope you can help us. Thank you very much and looking forward to your reply.

This literally just happened to me today… I’m pissed! I just finished claiming extra ones I made in my stronghold to add on to what I already had… smh Now I have to this shit again… hours of grind gone wtf… they need to do something about this… it also happened to my a few of my alts as well… funny thing is I only noticed because my whole hotbar was cleared out and only realized becaused I was trying to heal and couldn’t…

It’s happened to me today. I bought potion chest from mari shop and use it for 50 major hp potion. I was practicing in guardian raid and after 3 run all my potions are gone. This is not the first time this happened. The first time I lost was about 200 potions. They need to look into it and find a way to fix it.

Ok. I thought I was crazy. I entered a Guardian, used a couple of pots. I’m sure I had more than 50 since I always carry tons of pots. Next guardian I notice I can’t use pots, I think wtf? after being done with that Guardian I check my inventory and all Major Health Potions had disappeared… How a bug like this exists in the game??

Character: Wetpowder
Server: Galatur