Elgato Stream Deck Usage ingame

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Hey! Concidering somebody uses a stream deck from elgato and needs to have hotkeys like in my case when im using a 60% keyboard and don’t have any “F1-12” keys. For example i use the stream deck to get on my mount by pressing “CTRL+R” to change to the last utility page then pressing “9” and then “CTRL+Q” to get back to the main page. Is it something you would not allow ppl to do?
What is allowed to use on the Stream Deck and what not?


That sounds like a nightmare for this game, but yea your allowed to do stuff like that.

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nah its kinda chill actually :slight_smile: just wondering if ppl would get banned you know

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You can set up the keyboard in the way you feel better to play the game and that’s fine because is not breaking any kind of code of conduct.
As long as what you use is not a third party program to modify the game and gain unfair advantages (such as hacks, mods, etc) you can play the way you feel most comfortable.

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