ELIA5 PvP points-exp-rank I am confused

Can some one explain to me how this works?

I know that the tier points increases after every round. But the Current EXP in the center window never changes it says 53055. and that the expected is to be 58951. According to the rank points from the center window I scored 18k and today so far i have 30k almost double last weeks. Yet my expected tier is supreme 3 Which I know will not be true past exp says I would most likely be Sup 2.

I wish that the current EXP was updated at lest once a day. But every hour would be better.

Or is the left hand window the points I will get according to the percentile?

As it stands I just brute force my way up the ladder. But I dont want to have to PvP any more then i really need too.

What ?
You get experience points after maintenance and according to percentile.

And yeah, you dont really know how its gonna be last day, maybe some ppl might grind and so on, yeah.

I stopped caring about pvp after the pvp shop was resetted. The grind aint worth it again.

weekly reward? what weekly reward ?

your score determines your ranking for the week (shown in the middle tab). The tab on the right shows what percentage bracket you fall under. with your score of 30k it puts you in the top 0.77%, giving you 58k xp. but depending on your current tier there is a maintenance cost, it gets higher the higher your tier. (can see this on the left tab).

but if you look at the middle tab it shows you your estimated xp for the week, as well as your final xp score after that weeks xp is added. it says your current xp is 53k + the 58k (xp you will get at the end of the week) totaling for 106k xp. if you look at the left tab you can see supreme 3 needs 101k xp and supreme 4 needs 124k. so you will only be supreme 3 at the end of the week. but if other people join arena and push you to a lower percentage bracket your xp for the week will be lowered and you might not make it to supreme 3 anymore.

You can grind hours of arena weekly to try and rush to supreme 7 (rank needed for the relic badge), or take it easy, get in the top 10% for 42k xp weekly and slowly getting to supreme 7, around 10 weeks or so. after that the tier maintenance costs are stupidly high, so you can grind for the top 3% after after that. assuming thats your goal. but there isnt anything really worth while in the shop for spending so many hours in arena. the relic badge is the only worth while thing really, it helps on pvp islands, so if you hit supreme 7 there is no real need to do anything more. Unless you really want the mount i guess lol.

Yes, after doing some reading I found the answers I was looking for. This time I will shoot for extreme but after that I will be done with PvP except for when it resets again.

u wont be done with pvp once u reach extreme.

Then u have to " maintain it " and thats a hell lot of pvp.

maintenance cost at extreme level should be quite high

once ya get the mount and the title no reason to worry about it. Tell the next season