Ember (18+) | NA West - MARI | Semi-Hardcore | Social/Competitive Community

Ember (18+) | NA West - MARI | Semi-Hardcore | Social/Competitive Community

Guild: Ember
Server: NA West - Mari (English)
Prime Time: 3pm - Late Night PST
Discord: EMBER

Why should you join us?

  • We are a tight-knit community that has a long history of success together in multiple MMOs over the last 5+ years!

  • We provide a chill yet competitive environment for all our gamer dads and chads

  • Our people are friendly, laidback and help out new members who are willing to put in the work to succeed

  • Ultimately our leaders are second to none. We know how to shot call, build motivation, organize and keep our people winning.

Goals and Ambitions

  • Become a dominant force on our server through organized PVE & PVP content.

  • Build wealth for guild and members through a strong ECON core.

  • Build up and support our community content creators and establish ourselves as experts in Lost Ark.


Archeage: One of the top guilds on Nui, Wynn, Stena, and Godfrey

Starborne: Undefeated on every server over 2 years of play and one of the top guilds in the game.

New World: On Morrow, we were undefeated in every war we led. Owned our own territory in Monarch’s Bluffs and was the last Syndicate guild on Morrow to own territory.


→ Must be legally an adult to join
→ 15+ Hrs Per Week (Average)
Voice Chat
→ We require voice chat for guild events. Must have a working mic/headset.
→ We want players who will take the initiative to join others in-game and in Discord rather than to play solo.


Sign me up.

I may be interested to try you on for size.

Me and my bros are lookin’ to get sweaty but not TOO sweaty if you know what I mean. We’re all MMO veterans, and have hit cap in LAO a few times already (but are still novices). Consistently topped PvP leaderboards in TERA and BnS. There’s 3 of us total. Sign us up!

Played with these guys on New World. They are, indeed, awesome.

I went US East since it works with my time better…but good luck to you and the Ember gang Sinoki!

I am highly interested in joining! please send me the discord link through disc! it wont accept the invite on here :frowning: “Dustbunny#4259”

Hello, my wife and I are interested. We’re taking it slow to 50, but very active and will play long term.

I’d like to join.

Heya - this looks like a perfect fit for me

Server: NA WEST Mari
Main Char Name: Letha
Discord: michaelmichael#3263

Main is 1040+ atm, one other alt in T2, more on the way, 6 chars total rn, doing all the things

Looking forward to hearing from ya!