Emperess arcana

Late last night on a whim i decided to make an arcana. I dont have much knowledge but bought powerpass and then honed to 1430

I by chance cut a 7/ hit master raid captain stone.

I had leg barricade and cursed doll books.

I was looking through a few guides and kinda wasnt paying attention and bought some cheap accessories to make 5 x 3

The build i ended up with before realising its a mix of builds was

Cursed doll x3
Hit master x 3
Raid cap x 3
Barricade x 3
Adrenaline x2
Empress x 1.

I know this isnt really any one suggested build but to arcania mains do you think its viable.

The other issue i have is i had no protection runes so am trying to gather them. I managed to get 1.

And am waiting on phantomwing island lush reed island and am trying to get last 2 stars from anugished isle and south vern chaos line to get the protection runes i need for barricade.

If this isnt a good setup i was thinking about buying empress books over next couple of weeks and using that at lvl 3 with no barricade if i cant get protection runes

did you avoid grudge on purpose? the build itself would be good if either the barricade or the cursed doll was grudge, like this its not necessarily bad but you do miss ~5% dmg and you are forcing yourself into protection runes at the same time

Its only way i could make 5 x 3. I dont have leg grudge books.

If i had leg grudge id have used it instead of barricade and when get protection runes maybe instead of cursed doll

you probably will do okay for valtan and vykas (maybe clown if u make ur own lobby/guild runs) , however i would recommend removing barricade at 1475+ to grudge , the build on arcana that uses cursed doll doesn’t use barricade as u want wealth runes not protections on ur red skills , you might also face alot of gatekeeping if u don’t run grudge in higher raids . also i think the cheapest way to fix your build later on is to just buy leg empress books as they are cheap and do 5x3 ( cursed , hit , raid , empress , grudge ) and get a +1 adr down the road when we get ancient accessories.

Thats my plan ive 9 leg emperess books but euw has no more rare ones so waiting on them being put up

remove barricade and get grudge it’s not a choice
i don’t have grudge leg but i’ll manage to have it on stone or at +9 and paying more on acc

it’s mandatory even if you have a guild / static, not having it makes you loose dmg + show that you are insecure

Yea when i get my leg books im gonna go

Hit master

Go raid cap or barricade raidcap and barricade rotation differ a bit and use diff skills.
Go Grudge
if you are not using serendipidy you dont need adrenaline

Arcanist noob here with a couple questions as well:

  • why are there builds with raid captain? How does this work, do you need to activate the movespeed tripods before using ruin skills? If so, this sounds like something that would work well on Trixion but poorly on raids. Also, do you have to use a spec/swift necklace instead of a spec/crit one?
  • what about kbw + adren? With three ruin skills that have crit tripods, a crit necklace, and your own personal crit synergy, kbw + adren sounds quite good.

after the previous balance patch arcana get buffed / little rework, so kr player found that raid captain is more valuable than barricade in term of dmg
and yes you use your blue skills for stacking and procking your ruin as usual and you’ll have the bonus from blues skills + yearning with higher dmg than barricade + VERY IMPORTANT arcana identity got buffed on red skills so you put the runes that boost indentity generation which is super important cause the useless cards got reduced and good cards proc more often

you can go spec swift but you need adrenaline to cover the lack of crit

yes adre is good but kbw not really since you have a lot of crit dmg already on card + tripods like serendipity and the yellow skills

i advise you to look at loawa players and test in trixion what’s fit your preferences but keep in mind kr players have a more advanced game than us but we’ll get it too sooner or later so you can prepare yourself

Thanks for the explanations. I’ll try the different setups in Trixion :slight_smile: I’m just concerned that boss movement as well as mechanics may result in often having to cast ruin skills after the movespeed bonus from blues expire, since they’re pretty short… But I had no idea that the card system had improved and wealths are more valuable. Sounds like a good reason to ditch barricade in favor of RC.

Trust me mate, once you get the hang of if you wont miss your movement buff windows in raids. Also RC doesnt play quadra accelerate you playstyle revolves around jumping around like madman so with proper fight knowledge there is amost no way for boss to punish you. Ofc it all comes with exp but RC playstyle is worth it.

you can keep barricade if you want but you won’t have wealth rune on red skill

glad i helped you arcana fellow

My arcana runs spec/swift on neck with grudge, hit master, raid captain, adrenaline, and empress all lvl. 3. You can use spec/crit if you prefer. I like the extra cooldown and speed with swift. I have 3 stacking skills that give move speed with spiral edge being the only 1 with a very small time frame. Typically you won’t have to even think about your move speed buffs since the goal is to land 4 stacks and immediately hit them with a ruin skill. Barricade is fine but you will miss out on more of those extremely lucky judgement, cull cards happening back to back. The more cards you pull the better. Sometimes you won’t see a single judgement, cull, or wheel of fate. And sometimes you will get the repeatedly. This is my favorite class in my roster. I feel bad for everyone that missed out on the 7k grudge books. Really is sad how rare good engravings are. I also got my empress books for around 4k each and it seems they are near double now,. Everyone just hope the golden frog returns permanently. It is the only way many players will ever have legendary engravings.