Enable EAC for Steam Proton

The interfaces are there for the dev team to pick up and use. Please support Steam Proton and the Steam Deck!


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I seriously hope you can enable this support, I’m an exclusively Linux player and will be obtaining a Steam Deck as soon as they are released so supporting EAC on Proton is critical.

I was willing to obtain a founder’s pack because this is now an easy setting to enable and Linux players as a whole tend to offer a higher quality of feedback for support issues (issues that can affect any OS, not simply Linux).

Looking forward to playing this game.


Crossing my fingers. Just want to make it clear that we are not asking for a Linux port or even official Linux support. EAC support in Proton is all we ask for. Thanks for you reply, can’t wait for further info on this.


Im also linux lover/player. For now I have to run Lostk Ark on my work Laptop Windows bleeee. I wish to play Lost Ark on linux if possible. Thank you so much if that is gonna be possible :wink:


There are literally dozens of us!




There won’t be Support ever for Steam Proton.

EAC is owned by Epic and Epic stated, that they not gonna Update EAC to Steam Proton because Steam Proton can have Custom Kernel, which means cheating on Steam Deck will the Top #1 Plattform.

Once Steam Deck is Live, it gonna be the Handheld for cheaters.


Yes!! Please enable support!


What are you on about? Welcome to 2022, EAC already has Proton support.


Yeah but not for games where Anti-Cheat matters :slight_smile:

Epic even confirmed they not gonna Update EAC for Online Games such as Fortnite, because cheaters can easy bypass the Protection on Steam OS.

The Moment Steam OS Launches, people cheat there. All my MMORPG Bots will run on my SteamDeck once it is live, thanks to custom Kernel.

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heya, I just quickly made an account to let you know that “in the next few weeks”, the new raid tier for Final Fantasy 14 releases. FFXIV runs on linux. I will therefore probably just skip on this game completely, especially since I’d have to start playing when the initial launch hype is gone and all of my friends who are trying this game will return to FFXIV anyways.

I think it also shows some kind of unprofessionality to be unable to literally set a checkbox on the EAC build. To me, as a Linux-only gamer as well as a former programmer in the gaming industry, it signals heavy lack of skill in your dev team.

This is not a flame, I merely want to give you the opportunity to see how this kind of move reflects on me, an influencial hardcore gamer.

Also, on a sidenote, I think it’s quite funny that the forum software allowed me to grab the username “amazon” :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to force change it if it’s offensive in any kind of way, since I likely won’t be hanging around here anyways.

In general though: good luck on your launch.


Yeah, it’s a real shame that they don’t enable Proton support. Especially when Valve made it so easy for them.


I mean, if you want open your Game to cheater, enable the Support.

I mean FFXIV you can legit cheat everything, onehit bosses, Teleport anywhere etc… xD shows everything lol.


I mean, if you want open your Game to cheater, enable the Support.

What? I mean, first of all, if you want to protect your game from cheaters you’d use server-side validation instead of EAC. EAC is just a soft means for easy to use client-side modifications, not a suite to stop cheaters.

It’s not that hard to modify the windows kernel. If one know how to do it on Linux, they easily know how to do it on Windows. Besides, Windows has so many obscure, ancient systems ingrained that it’s sheer impossible to ensure proper anti-cheat client side to begin with.

Client-side Anticheat software, just like Cybersecurity means, isn’t about “full protection”, it’s an arms race.

Besides, the majority of cheaters are using Windows, so if you truly want to ensure no cheaters, a better option would be to not support windows, you know :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean FFXIV you can legit cheat everything, onehit bosses, Teleport anywhere etc… xD shows everything lol.

No idea where that one’s coming from, I have yet to see a single cheater in FFXIV. Bots are an issue, granted, but outright cheaters are definitely not a thing.


I really hope it will be good news in the next week not weeks.
Looking at how valve made it much easier to enable EAC for proton, I think it really isn’t too much to ask for.


considering a supporter pack if you guys pull through

+1 for linux / proton


+1 please enable this so that the game can run on the steam deck and linux.


Seriously, it’s so easy. I’ll do it for them for free. Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.


Yeah refunded my purchases. I’ll look again when I can play it my steam deck… or I won’t.