Enable POWERPASS for a day or few hours

Just posting this with little hope someone reads forums and would enable POWERPASS for a day or few hours on announced time so we could have alts going :slight_smile:

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I think that what you are asking is very unlikely. But they should at least refund the people who bought it and still can’t use it.

Enable free Passes, that cannot skip content on new accounts. Removed paid passes from the game.

Problem fixed.

No idea, why SG needs 3 weeks to fix this.

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Set minimum roster level or content completed.
Maybe have a legion raid completion requirement or argos or something similar?

No passes for new accounts with no catch up for new players would 100% kill the game, lol

It would Not. We have mokoko buff now. That’s good enough together with Express event

catch up should not be p2w - if its so important give more free passes

KR does have free passes for new players, it just doesn’t go well here in NA/EU, because look even the paid passes were being exploited by bots. They do have to make some system to make it harders or impossible for botters to make free acounts especially with free passes.

I mean in a perfect world, people wouldn’t cheat with RMT and support this and we wouldn’t have bots, but :rofl: