Encavian Crown give to Men, Crystal Necklace give to women

So the usual 5,000 Rapport you get from the Encavian Crown Will actually be worth 10,000 if given to Thirain. I have just found this out today and can’t find anything about it online in any wiki or guide. This must be something not widely known so I am making people aware of it now.

If this is also the case with anyone else other then Thirain I do not know.


It also does not say anything in the description about “Thirain would love this”, It does however hint that you must think about who to give it to as seen here:


On further investigation Cals will also give you 10,000 Rapport for this item so it seems certain NSP’s will give you more for it.


Ah so I have figured it out now, as the description suggests if given to any male NPC then the Encavian Crown will give 10,000 Rapport. However, if given to a woman it will only give 5,000. This is the same but the other way round for the Crystal Necklace!