End Game Elites NA WEST Valtan

EGE or EndGameElites is recruiting on Valtan!@ We are looking for active players for PvP & PvE end game content.
Being active is a must and we are constantly kicking players who have not played in 2 weeks, For the purpose to keep available space for players who are interested in joining. Leadership is extremely active, as well as very helpful. We are currently guild lvl 5 and with growth we will be more choosy on who we let join. The goal of this guild is to have friendly active players who enjoy the game and want to take a serious stance in playing Lost Ark. We constantly strive to increase player gear score, and everything else that comes natural to a hardcore player. A major point of the guild is to make friends to play with and move threw the content at a LvL faster then a pub guild. We want this to be a place where all serious player feel at home and know that they have the support of other member in any way needed. We are here to stay and super excited to get everyone geared up, as well as making some serious PvP teams. The sky’s the limit, and with this game; that’s extremely high. If your looking for some good friends for life, and talented players to run with. This is the guild for you. We are open minded and willing to listen to players on how we can make this legendary guild better. Me and our other leaders play daily. My favorite thing about mmorpgs is the community, so if your lookin for anything I listed above please reach out to us. Lets make this huge and something that will make the game better for our members for years to come.
Leader : EndGameBoss Co Leader : LoudPockets Officer : Pocketsxxx
feel free to reach out to us with any questions, As well for invites. We look forward to hearing from you sweats :slight_smile: