[Eng] PvE Roster Recruiting

Hello everyone :wave:

Some friends and I are forming a Roster. Our goal is to weekly clear the latest and hardest PvE content of Lost Ark and help each other to achieve this.

My name is RC and I will be the Raid Leader of this roster. I’ve been Raid Leader before and am always happy to learn and work on mechs alone or with my roster.

Our group currently has 4 members:

Wardancer 1490
Shadowhunter 1490
Deathblade 1482
Berserker 1475

Our dates and times for raiding will be:

Wednesday from 8.30pm CEST to 00am/01am CEST
Friday from 8.30pm CEST to 00am/01am CEST
Sunday from 10.30pm CEST to 00am/01amCEST

We’re looking for 2 DPS and 2 Supports 1475+ that are ready to be invested in the game at a certain level in order to always be ready for the latest PvE content in-game.

If you’re interested in joining us or curious about us, do not hesitate to reach out to me we can talk on Discord: RC#6295

I wish all of you a very nice day and good luck with your legion raid runs! :muscle: