English Language patch not working (RU) reposted [SOLVED]

As some players play on the RU version of this game, I would like to ask if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

After the Aeromancer update, the English translation application (Lao Translation) isn’t working.

I can play without the translation patch as I’ve level 5 characters from level 10 to 50(2) - 30(3), so I understand what I have to type. It would be very useful to use it when my Aeromancer reaches level 50 to know her skills, as all my alts skills were set with the English translation application.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, and is there a possible fix?


Yep, same issue

Maybe they´ll work on integrating the Aeromancer stuff, cause I think many players will now switch back or new to RU, cause of the current, not understandable, delay of Artist here

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I see, well if they are switching back or new. I would recommend using DeepL translate on their PC for fast translation.

Hopefully, the new patch comes soon.

Sadly she didn’t come with a power pass. Have to put in the work :face_exhaling:

translation is working but u need a workaround … because SG changed their db on this release … you can find workaround on LA community Discord , eng translation CH.

u should got power pass ticket from last Gearscore event that ended weeks ago :smiley:

oh, is it on the RU discord or official discord ?

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I’m new to RU about a month into it or so, so I don’t think I got that

The Aeromancer patch broke the translation app. Just have to wait for a new patch :face_exhaling:.

it’s easy man :smiley: u go to C:\MyGames\LOSTARK\EFGame
change file data2.lpk to data.lpk Run translate … change data.lpk back to data2.lpk
Run the game

same here i’m wondering if there’s a fix for the translation app. or an update

sadly it didn’t work.

Thanks, it worked. I changed it to data.Ipk used the translation app (Lao translation). closed the game launcher and translation app and changed it back to data2.Ipk

my steps:

  • change data.Ipk → data(2).Ipk
  • change data2.Ipk → data.Ipk
  • change data(2) - > data2.Ipk
  • use the translation app with the game launcher
  • change the file names back (data.Ipk → data2.Ipk & data2.Ipk → data.Ipk)
  • close both the game launcher and translation app
  • relaunch the game with the translated scripts from the launcher

The new method is below as it has changed

  • Change Data2.Ipk → Data.Ipk
  • Run LoaTranslation and untick the bottom left button to leave it in English
  • Close LoaTranslation and change the files back as below
  • Data.Ipk → Data2.Ipk

You should be able to change it back by doing the above and just closing the translation app before changing the file names.

Note 2:
You’ll have to change the file names before opening Loa Translation but other than that enjoy your gaming session in English. Though some parts aren’t translated yet that being the latest events, I believe Akkan will be translated in march alongside the new events/Island with time, will have to check on discord with others on how long it will take for those translations.

You want to change the file names before closing the translation app as it will restore the files to their original state after it’s closed. So change the file names while it’s open keeping the translated version.
Credit to @NewStar for the solution.

updated in-depth version below:


It worked I said how above.

bro you’re a hero thanks alot for the help

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Yes it worked! GG man thank you!

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Anyone on kratos server? add me Enferlain

I am on Alderan, since it’s the most popular or populated…as far as I know.

Yes, Alderan is the most populated, I’m there as well. That’s where a lot of players were advertised to enter by content creators.