English Language patch not working (RU) reposted [SOLVED]

Need to make legion for everyone xD I have one on acc

Hahaha, good luck with that. I only finished my 6-man roster so I’m working to them to tier 2-3.

I mean I have a 6 man roster too xD focused on aero now

Oh, nice same here. She was the last one I needed to complete my 6-man roster.
I wished she came with a power pass. Leveling from 10 to 50 is quite the work

Elgacia event came with powerpass q q sadge missed it. But yeah its ok )))

so now i’m planning to make a 6 characters is there’s no punika pass or a vern pass ?
or even knowledge transfer

ah man, I missed that as well. Ah well, she’s nearly there anyway. I just have Arthetine and she will be in Bern soon.

Maybe we get a power pass with the next region whenever it comes out in KR hahahahaha.
We will just have to level slayer and soul eater normally :rofl: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Welcome to RU, yes but, but you can pay for a power pass :rofl: :wink:

okay so if that’s the case i’ll just play the story on both artisft and aero

so what is the road map for ru cause it seems i can’t find anything

If you want to level multiple characters best way I did it was to create the characters you want first. Then hit certain level milestones e.g. in my case I got them to level 20 first, then 30, then 50.

Havent seen the roadmap yet. But obv akkan next xD

Oh lord :sweat_smile:, I’ll have a lot of work to do before I’m Akkan ready, but true Akkan has to be next. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait as long as KR.

well in that case i’ll level up both my aero and artist and wait for slayer and soul reaper

  • also i wanted to ask is slayer and soul reaper after they get realesed on KR. how many months do expect us to wait until the release of RU.

I don’t know to be honest. I would say maybe 5-6 months after their release maybe. Aeromancer was 5 months so maybe around then. But we’ll have Akkan to worry about so it shouldn’t be too bad, whenever he comes out.

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