[English] Localization Bug Megathread

Feel free to reply with any UI bugs you find, I will add them to the main thread. After the beta I’ll organize all the localization bugs into categories so it’s easier to parse through.

Main UI >> Bottom Right


Spacing between Character and Adventure is off. Adventure bleeds into Character. Not centered like the rest of the main UI.

(Deadeye Class) Character Pane - Combat Stats - Specialization

This tooltip makes no sense (outside of increased awakening skill damage). If left as is players will think specialization directly increases their base crit % chance and the other two lines are just gibberish.

  • Increases the critical damage of pistol skills by x%
  • Increases the damage of shotgun skills by x%
  • Increases physical/magic penetration of rifle skills by x%

If there is not enough space and it gets cut-off like every other UI window in the game you could do

  • Pistol Crit Dmg +x%
  • Shotgun Dmg +x%
  • Rifle Armor/Magic Pen. +x%

Character Profile Typo - Stronghold Section


Remove ‘s’ from Contents

“Find a Party” Refresh Button Text - Improper Wording


Refresh Group Search. (Once every 10s)

Mari’s Secret Store - Text Cut-Off / Improper Wording


Wartorn / Trade Skill Recommendations is too long and gets cut-off by the store. I’m using a 21:9 ultrawide monitor.

Not all items are “recommended”, I suggest just removing “recommendation”

Tab 1 Rename suggestions:
Enhancement Items / Upgrade Items / Enhancement

Tab 2 Rename Suggestions:
Skills / Affinity Items
Skills / Affinity
Skills / Rapport

Mouse Cursor Settings - Improper


Normal, Zoom In, Max isn’t a proper descriptor for the 3 sizes.

Small, Medium, Large
1x, 2x, 6x
Normal, Larger, Largest

Pet Window Cut Off


The translation is too wordy and gets cut off. Suggest shortening.

Add a pet to the quick slot to summon

Settings >> Cursor Aim

“Cursor Aim” is not an accurate description of what this game option does.

The game by default aims at your cursor. This setting is an Aim Assist setting which automatically adjusts your cursor aim to the closest monster. I suggest renaming the setting so that this is clear. Otherwise, players will think this causes you to cast at your cursor (which the game always does unless you have this option checked).

Aim Assist

Skills Menu - Recommended Button


“Recommended” is too large for this button. Additionally, this button doesn’t give you a curated list of skills that are recommended, it just shows you the tripods that the majority of the player base is using. Suggest renaming.


Gear Tooltip


Gear Class Requirement has “Type” appended to it

Suggest removing “Type”

Character Pane


Missing the [t] on Preset in various elements

(while hovering over another gear preset)

Character Pane - Skins & Virtues - Hovering over a Virtue Stat

(while hovering over wisdom)

Seems an additional space was added accidentally.

Character Pane - Skins & Virtues


“Skin Preset” Typo (similar to gear preset issue above)

Character Pane - Combat Stats


Crit is the only stat that is abbreviated. This is an inconsistency.

Character Pane - Combat Stats - Endurance


Extra space was accidentally added here.

Character Pane - Combat Stats - Crit - Permanent increase by potions


Extra space.

Character Pane - Combat Stats - Swiftness


Atk. Speed Not lined up

Character Pane - Combat Stats - Details

Damage increase on incapacitated… (too long, cut-off)

Card Sets: Missing Bonus Text Descriptor


This should be “Thunder Damage Reduction +8%”

Update: It seems like many card sets are missing bonus descriptors.

Earth damage reduction +8.00%

Water damage reduction +8.00%


Account Level / Mission Information Window

“All Mission Characters” adds unnecessary text making it harder to read every level bonus.

I’m not sure if you guys are calling this system “Mission” or “Account” but you use the two interchangeably throughout the game. I suggest just removing account and going all-in on Mission because most things are already labeled Mission.

Current implementation: Gain Mission XP to raise your account level to gain mission effects.

Settings > Audio > Voice Input Mode Setting


Voice Input Mode. Can’t scroll to another setting such as Push to Talk.

Stronghold UI > Workshop Text


Cut-off. Suggest renaming to Workshop

Stronghold > Crafting Workshop UI


Text doesn’t fit buttons. Suggest renaming.

Battle - Food - Stronghold - Crafting - Special - Farming

Blackrose Basement Dungeon

Random [Leave Empty] Caption

Bastian Quest: Those Left Behind

Dialogue option cut-off.

Grudge Engraving Tooltip


The tooltip says you take less damage from bosses with the grudge engraving. This is false. You take increased damage from bosses with the grudge engraving.

Rethramis Quest: Waves of Malice >> Talk to Captain Hamilmor

“Who knew the Demons would attack us?”

[Guide] Better Together (Pet Guide)

If the game is going to switch pet effects to being locked behind the Crystalline Aura, this text will need to be updated. Since pet ability reforging I’m assuming will remain locked behind blue crystals.

Text on all skills overlapping

download (1)

The description of the spell “status” like “Normal Skill” in this case covers the casting part. Same for all other spells. (Rexxar)

Skill tooltips and tripod tooltips need to be cleaned up in general. Lots of poorly worded information with spacing issues.

Brother Alred (Arriving at Regria Monastery)

Missing VA for the entire cutscene

Pet Effect/Function Extensions / Pet Inventory

If pets will be behind the crystalline aura, the “Tool” button will need to change. If not, change “Tool” to “Extend”.

Mail >> Write Letter

Payment on delivery is cut-off

Change “Erase” to “Reset” since it resets the entire window, it doesn’t just erase the line that you’re currently working on.

Pet Function UI


Since “Life” skills have been completely replaced with “Trade” skills in the game, this button needs to be changed.

Repair Tools
Repair Trade Skill Tools (likely won’t fit)

Anikka > Bleak Edge Dungeon > Cutscene before the final boss

Typo “Hellspawn”

Yudia Main Story Quest: Looking for the Nomads

Bad sentence structure.

“I asked Mr. Dosmann about the nomads, since he’s had business dealings with them.”

Otherwise you say nomads 3 times in 8 words.

Yudia Main Story Quest: Aregal Salt Plains

Lokon says he used to be a bandit, but then immediately follows it up by calling the bandit boss “his” boss. Inconsistency.

Change to, “My former boss”

Links to other localization issue megathreads


Amazon localization Q.A. team leader: Guys you did a great job! We’re ready for the beta!
This guy: Hold my beer…

P.S. This is actually on of the best feedback post I’ve seen in my life btw! Really clear and accurate


Text on every skill overlaps. This happens to bard but i guess it’s the same for all the classes (the description of the spell “status” like “Normal Skill” in this case covers the casting part. Same for all other spells.
download (1)

Thank you! I plan to do a deep dive on a bunch of different class tooltips to see what needs to get fixed. If you’d like to share more improper bard tooltips, please PM me here.

For instance, on this tooltip -

179 MP instead of MP 179 Consumption.

Max of 5 times changed to Pulses 5 times. (since it can be increased beyond 5 with tripods)

Stigma’s Damage increases +12.5% every time it pulses.

(Stigma damage doesn’t increase with faster pulses, just more pulses)

Sustain Enhancement:
Number of pulses +2.


Yudia Main Story Quest: Raid and Rescue

Random line break.

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Apparently, edits are now limited to 4 per day, so just gonna have to add these in as new posts.

Yudia Main Story Quest: Preparing the Rain

“Please search the worm tunnels for glittering salt.”

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Yudia Main Story Quest: To Morai

The voice acting here is messed up. “The fallen kingdom” gets added onto the end of the previous line “Let’s knock…” and then 5s later Armen says “The fallen kingdom” line, but that part of the line is missing in the VA because it was added randomly at the end of the prior line.

Mining Guide Video on take first time

and continuos videos freeze, unstuck on CTRL+ALT+DEL or wait and receive Memory Video Full

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Yudia Main Story Quest: Foxfire

Random line break

Yudia Main Story Quest: Demon Raid

Now that the bandits [are] neutralized and the Demons [have] retreated, the caravan that has been stuck here will be free to go and resume its business.

Quest Completion Rewards Window


The game still reports “Expedition XP +1234” it should be “Mission XP”

Gunslinger: Target Down Tooltip Bug



Damage calculation is clearly bugged on it.

Card guide on CH or KR

Egirl Guide text

Vern Quest

Dialogue cut-off.

Anikka: Main Story Quest > Intruder’s Intent

Dialogue cut-off.

Atk. Power Reduction Engraving (aka Rust)


Wrong description. Rust lowers your attack power, not your attack speed.

West Luterra Main Story Quest: Militia Leader Cassleford

“As for Prince Thirain, he’s already had …” conversation is duplicated.

You have no ships to apply this skill .

Should be something like " You have no ships to apply this skin . "

Multiple issues here.


Should be just Store.

Skins menu should be Avatar because they are Avatars in the Founders Packs.
Meaning that the “Skin” above the image of character should also be “Avatar”


EXP / Silver gains notification sometimes is just stuck there forever.


Does not represent function itself .
Proper text here should be “Members” / “Roster” .


Part of the text is not showing up like it should.

Instead of “Resist” should be “Decline” ,because you are declining offer that was proposed to you.

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Long text on controls in Ship Station

Added links to a couple localization issue megathreads posted by other users. There’s some overlap but it’ll help when I categorize all of the localization issues at the end of the beta.

“Mission” quests are labeled “Expedition” quests


There are 3 names for the account-wide progression system.

Mission, Expedition, and Account. Most of the stuff is labeled mission in-game, but the pop-up art when you level up also says “Expedition Level Up”.


Not sure what Amazon is going to decide to go with, but it would be good to unify the name across the game before release. Otherwise it can be confusing.

NPC Rapport Window >> Emotes


“Emote” is not the same as “Emotion”. “Emote” is a verb, “Emotion” is a noun.

Daily Emote Count

Remaining Count 1

I would also change the “Confirm” button to “Express”, since the music rapport window has “play” as its button, it makes sense to also have a fitting button for the emote window.

NPC Rapport Window >> Play Instrument


Improper wording.

Daily Song Count

The game has a habit of adding unnecessary words such as “Max Music Play” in this case. The more unnecessary words you add to a line, the more difficult it is to read as a player. “Daily Song Count” gets the point across and uses “Song” to match the way the actions are named ingame.

I would remove the word “Acceptance” here.