[ENG/PL] [EUW | Moonkeep] Wipefest Company - Casual PvX with focus on expiriencing everything game has to offer

First of all greetings everyone!

Wipefest Company ( Wipefest Co in game ) is guild made by group of working friends and the main aim is to have organized squad to do reasonable amount of content game has to offer without spending all the time in game.

We are NOT interested in speed running to T3 but actually having fun and enjoying the games group content as we play. Be that PvP / PvE etc.

For now there are 2 of us both from GTM+1 and we usually are online at evening. Tho is heavily impacted by our schedule.

If you’re in simmilar spot to us and would like to join and create community of goal oriented casuals - message me in game @Battleclergy or just apply on suggested guilds under “Wipefest Co”

Our Discord Channel

Have fun and see you in game!