Engraving book becomes untradeable bug

I bought 7x Strong Will Epic Engraving books from the Market. These were labeled as “Untradeable” as they should be. I had been keeping LOTS of epic “worthless” engraving books I had found over the last few months in an alts bank. I remembered I had those so I Alt+Right clicked the 18x Strong will “Tradable” books from my bank to my inventory and they STACKED with the “Untradeable” 7x Strong Will epic engraving books to be 25x “UNTRADEABLE” Strong Will epic engraving books.

Now of course I don’t care b/c they are worthless (that is why I didn’t sell them but just stored in a random alts bank juuuust in case they became valuable). BUT if someone did this with some tradeable LEGENDARY books this could suck big time.

Anyways 100% is a bug. I tried splitting up the stack to see if some became tradeable and it didnt work.

Have a good day. Love the game!

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Hey there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Could I have your server and character name?

Azena (NA East) <— Server name
Glumpet <— Character name

Thank you for the information! I will get your report over to the Dev team. :slight_smile: