Engraving books are not working!

I’ve been tryin to open the epic engraving books for my reaper and it kept giving me an error that my inventory is full and there’s plenty of empty spots in my inventory
Here’s a clip i uploaded

at least you could open a box

bro, look at the bottom left of your screen. There is a message about it.

what box ?
It kept giving me this error and my friends as well are having this issue

Oh im totally blind…

it’s okey they didnt announce something here about it haha.

There is a bug with the purple engravings, people can get 400 purple books, they messed up the number they were supposed to give, that’s why they disabled them.

I had no idea i just logged on and was trying to get my reaper up

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They take stuff back… they disable stuff without warning… just a normal day
scamming people at AGS

well they made a mistake and added 400 engraving books instead of 20, do you want them to let it in there, have everyone abuse it and then remove it ?

Does this sound familiar to you ?

id laugh to see my engravings at negative status to be honest at this point.

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Thanks for this, we’re aware of the issues with engravings and are working to receive a hotfix build so that this can be addressed as soon as possible.


The smartest people in our community should claim as much as they can, try to sell them somehow, find the bug, take advantage, try combinations and different ways, they are smart and they have time for that, well and enjoy the success of course… until the developers realize it and take them away… but please don’t come crying later. thank you very much.

Will our books get deleted so we get negative engravings from this hotfix?

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Im hoping for it at this point

hello roxx ive opend some of them earlier and used 20 of them what should i do with the rest? delete?