Engraving Books casually climbing

Ouch. This is NA-E, let’s see some other regions, I’m sure there are far worse out there



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Aint enough books for the two of us!

but yeah, not enough leggo books to satiate the mass of people who bought all their grudge books insanely cheap from bots.

That and inflation in general. The 5-7k people paid for their class books at argos would be a few grand less than that now if the thronespire books thing never happened.

I think the easiest/laziest solution would be to add some other source of class books, or maybe “set the price” in maris but I dont see either of those happening anytime soon

Add 5k if you want NAW pricing

NAW imagine the first page reaching almost 10k.
Here’s our currency exchange for good measure as well during prime time.


Well, and? That’s what you get from so many players farming legion raids with full roster.

Since you care about the price of these books, you are doing it as well.

I simply asked

For us full legion raid farmers, it’s good. We can sell to the F2P

I traded to the new “scouter mains” lol, I sold em like 3 months of hoarded GL when they drove the price up from ~30 to 70. Made some good cash and I’ll buy back when the price halves again.

Yeah I’m stockpiling everything to drop it all when scouter releases and the honing craze hits.

what does posting about this every day achieve?

when you were making 10k a week these books cost 5k
now you are making 100k and the book costs 15k

either don’t buy or make a budget setup
4x3+2 is with legendaries for the class engraving and without the class book
i don’t know about you but 500k gold is not worth 10% more damage

here you go
thank me later

I was just asking how other regions looked, plus i’m bored clearing all my Oreha’s.

Roxx nominate you to forum police in her absence Stefan?!


Speaking of Oreha there are some suuuussssssss players in Oreha tonight.

every region is struggling with prices man

i crafted my stone the other day and witnessed the rage hammer relic pieces being for 80-150k
it is what it is dude

even if i buy the 1.5k master brawler books
i still have to pay 60k for a 20 quality accessory

OR i can buy 3 pieces for 2k at 80 quality
and 2 legendaries at 3k at 90 quality
and be done with the build for the next 6 months

I hear yeah, it’s honestly a rough time in game, even with the roster gold coming in it’s still hard to keep up in all honesty.

Same boat, working on my Destroyer with grudge done, I can do all but the +3 class +5 offset for cheap, so it’ll be 20-100k for a decent accessory to fit that need and done

I want the books, but not right now.

it’s too expensive dude
rage hammer is 9k per book
and +3 rage hammer and any usable engraving doesn’t even approach less than 40k and if it does it is INSTANTLY sniped

the best i can manage is buy the master brawler books this or next week and get 1-4% more damage for 30k extra gold
it’s literally not worth even that scenario

i looked through the legendaries and sacking the 13% front attack damage is totally worth saving 300-500k gold
and aside from aesthetics you wouldn’t feel this damage decrease
unless you are a number hunter you wouldn’t care
and if you are a number hunter well you are already well aware of the requirements to achieve those numbers and willing to also pay those requirements no matter what

13% front attack damage won’t make or break any fight
and anyone demanding 5x3s in clown is a clown

if you find yourself being gatekept just make your own group

i’m literally at the point of accepting 3x3s in my hard vykases because it literally doesn’t matter as long as they do the mechanics

I didn’t realize you were asking about prices in other regions.

Yeah mostly I’m just bored and there isn’t else going on, curious how other regions are faring up

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Sadly I locked myself into Master Brawler, after failing to cut like 30 barricade/super charge stones I bought 1 barricade/master brawler and 7/7 it right off.

So this is my life now


So in the end i’m going to need a 3 rage hammer 5 barriade, 5 master brawler or 5 super charge one way or the other :frowning:

This is SA rn

Grudge peaked at 29950, BC peaked at 3850

Dang SA Bots are getting lazy