Engraving books disappeared after using them!

This is my second post on the forum trying to receive help with this issue. A couple days ago i used 19 Blue Hit Master books and they all disappeared after giving the msg "A fully collected untradable engraving recipe will be deleted upon use. My hit master is still 0/20 and the books are gone.

I would just like my books back please Sadge.

when you hover over the tooltip for Hit Master, is it asking you to collect blue quality or purple quality? I know for me it was easy to tell by the UI when I needed green quality, but when I went from blue to purple there was no visual queue beyond the text in the tool tip

Hello! @VezzeV

I’m sorry for this situation that you are experiencing. @AoEnwyr has done a great observation, can you check if it is asking you to collect the blue quality still?

If it does ask you for the ones that where already collected, I would recommend you to get in contact with a representative from the live channels or to send a web ticket to create a report on this situation.

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Have a great day!