Engraving Dismantling

We should have a way to dismantle book and get some currency, like pages, so we can use those pages to either reroll a random engraving or craft a certain engraving.


ok, implement a system that u can spend blue crystal to roll the books just like the pet stats re-rolling system in the korean server? how about that?

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Or just stick with the OP they have a good idea. Diablo immortal does the same kind of thing with runes that turn into gems instead of engravings. Breaking down engravings that nobody wants would be great

Nobody cares about Diablo Immortal it’s a trash game.



I do agree having a system like dismantling for rarity pages that you could use to combine into a book

However it would be to powerful to be a selection book.

It would have to use a system like ability stones or people would just buy out all the cheap legendary books and craft Grudge to resell.

The crafted books in this way should be bound to the character or can be dismantled again.

This would at least make all the shit legendary books usable and increase market value as some sell for 10g each.

great idea, please make this happen :slight_smile:

Great idea.