Engraving market needs help!

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Please help, the engraving market is in shambles…

Good Relic Accessories are extremely overpriced, legendary engraving books (especially class engravings) are sky rocketing!

It can be extremely hard to even find some relic accessories with class engraving on them…

Many New players and Veteran players are having a hard time putting together 5x3 (and the new Legion Commander Raid is rapidly approaching)!

I propose the following possible fix:

Please add a new “Abyss Raid” at 1415+ that drops accessories that are guaranteed to have class engraving in them.

Possibly change normal Argos Raid to have all phases @1370 or @1385.

(You do not need to change the HP of the boss, you do not need to change the damage the boss deals… just make it so player accuracy does not miss due to being lower then the suggested gear score that way all players can participate in all phases and contribute regardless of their gear score).

After that, add Argos Hard Mode at or above gearscore 1415. (I’m ok with even 1430, 1445… 1460… 1475… what ever- it’s all ok).

This way, players have more avenues to get accessories with their class engraving!

Please, the player base needs help, some accessory combinations are near impossible to find on some servers!

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They don´t care!

Roxx makes maybe holiday or have a break and if she is not here no one care about the player Base! RMT and Bots kill the game fast.

Crystal Prices, Engravings and Actionhouse Prices will not bring new players it´s scary them and they don´t came back!

But we become nothing only, maybe soon or not yet! The told us they will be better Communicate stuff with us in May but nothing change!!!

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The parent org’s ass is on fire with the LOTR show mess. Probably don’t have time and resources for fixing this game at the moment.


That would actually be super interesting to see, but prolly not. That change would have to come from SG. It should be what happens to make Class items more accessible, I wouldn’t mind a new raid on the list :slightly_smiling_face:

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you dont need 5x3 for clown.

All raids so far were a joke, and all were extremely hyped to be " omg so extremely difficult "

You learn mechs and attack patterns and its a joke then.
Like bruh.

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The game seems to give you what you really need pretty easily when you hit the level for the content you’re supposed to be playing at within a few weeks of arrival. Why all of these people whale and flex is beyond me anyway. Many of these 1500+ guys with maxed engravings that I have played with are “taking a break” because they got bored doing carries and burning through the same stuff over and over. It also makes their gameplay really sloppy. So just relax, you don’t need to max out all of your engraving spots. Just play the content you enjoy, and if you don’t enjoy it, find another game that you will enjoy. I’m probably almost there. I’m sick to death of chaos dungeons.

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I really hope something can be done to help… some accessories (especially rings) are extremely hard to find… and almost non-existent