Engraving Planner/Calculator

Hello Heroes of Arkasia,

May update is around the corner and with the release of May Update, we’ll get a new gear rarity known as Relic [orange]. With the introduction of relic accessories, we’ll have to rebuild our character’s engravings. I’ve created a simple engraving calculator to make your life easier and save you from this hustle. It works for all versions of the game (NA/EU/KR/RU… etc).

As you can see, we can have up to 5x3 engravings with the release of May Update in NA/EU version!


1- Make a copy to be able to edit the spreadsheet.
2- Checkmark indicates level 3 engraving (15 nodes or higher) only.
3- There’re 2 reset buttons. The first one is located at the top-left corner and it’ll only reset the nodes/values but it’ll keep the engraving name.

The second one is located at the bottom-left corner and it’s a full reset meaning it’ll remove the engraving name as well as all the values (it’s advised to use this button after you’ve completed your plans or wanna start planning for a new character).

Engraving Calculator/Planner

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