Engraving point minor bug

I just wanted to point out a minor bug i happened to come by,
apparently if you have an engraving equiped on a character, then raise its lvl by reading books on another character, then the first character with said engraving will still show the previous amount of points being applied to it, until you select it again.
Its probably nothing to worry about but i figured its still worth noting.
Happened to me once, with the Expert engraving.

Even when you raise the level by reading books on that very same character, engraving effect won’t update until you remove and reequip it.

I don’t think it’s a bug tho? Since you grabbed and put the engraving in slot when it was lower, now that it’s higher, you have to remove the old one and grab the new one.

the more of an issue then, i understand the reasoning behind why it happens, it keeps the old “item” you had equiped, but when you level it up you no longer own the lower lvl one, just like honing your equipment, you dont have to reequip it to see results applied